Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kaycee walking update

Just a quick picture-less post about Kaycee and her walking! She has been doing much better, especially on Sundays after a day in nursery. Seeing all the other kids walk is so good for her!

We had a play date the other day with my good friend Lindsey from the bank and she brought her 2 kiddos, Kherington (who is a month older than Kaycee) and Tristan who is just over 2 months. Kherington is an amazing walker and nearly runs everywhere she goes. Kaycee kept looking at her in fascination every time she went anywhere and ever since our play date Kaycee has been walking EVERYWHERE. She isn't holding onto things for balance anywhere near as much as she was before and she has learned in the last few days to stand up by herself without holding onto anything.

I am SOOO proud of her!! She has make HUGE progress this week! The therapist at Kids on the Move told us that if she wasn't walking by 18 months that we would need to schedule a follow up appointment and I've been stressed since she can walk but has been choosing not to. Well, that all went out the window this week! She's doing so awesome and I am so proud of her for overcoming something that was challenging for her!

Way to go, princess! We knew you could do it!

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