Sunday, August 2, 2015

Diamond, here I come!

A few years ago, I became a Beachbody coach. I didn't like it, at all, and ended up stopping after only a month of doing it. Even though I had a HUMONGOUS belief in the products {I had just lost 130 pounds with the help of their products} I didn't like being a coach, I didn't like feeling forced to make people sign up to be coaches too since I didn't like being a coach.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. My amazing and awesome friend Jaelyn became a Beachbody coach and completely changed her life. I literally watched her change and it was amazing. She became one of the most positive people I knew and I felt drawn to her because she was always so positive. She was able to lighten the financial burden her family was under because of the income she was providing and she lost over 30 pounds and 50 inches and looks better than she did before kids.

But at the same time, I knew she was a coach. I knew I didn't like coaching. So why was she so happy doing something I had hated?

Finally I decided enough was enough. Kaycee was almost 17 months old and I hadn't lost any weight from when when she was born. I've felt very strongly that we should be continuing our family soon and I really wanted to be in a better place physically before that happened, but I couldn't seem to do it on my own. Jaelyn used a new Beachbody workout and nutrition plan called 21 Day Fix to get her results so I decided to try it too. I texted her and said I was ready to become a coach again {maybe this time would be different??} and I wanted to try it under her. She sent me the info I needed, I bought 21 Day Fix and was ready to go.

Except I still didn't really coaching, so I decided to just do it really passively. Didn't take me long to realize that wasn't going to work for me and I either needed to do it full out and be committed or stop. Pick a side of the fence basically. I decided on a Friday I was going to stop coaching and was going to wait until Monday to tell Jaelyn, just to make sure I didn't change my mind.

Except it only took until the next day to realize that was a bad idea. I had felt very strongly that I needed to be a coach again and as soon as I made the decision not to be, I knew it was the wrong choice. I knew I needed to be a coach, even for the accountability of having others watch me, let alone for the income it could help bring in. I changed my mind and that's when I decided to get serious about coaching. I knew the Lord wanted me to do it and I needed to give it my all to find out why.

And oh, did I discover why.

Last month I helped 7 people find a program that works for them. All of them have achieved some sort of results, whether it's finding a way of eating they enjoy or finding an exercise program they like. 7 people! 7!! And I felt AMAZING for knowing I was helping people. I wasn't "selling" them something - I was sharing with them a product I loved that was working for me and it just so happened they loved it too!

I woke up every day so freaking excited to see what non scale victory they had or to see how they were so proud of themselves for holding plank longer or increasing their weights or saying no to a cupcake at a birthday party or whatever. Every day was another day of hearing changes they were making, both physically and mentally, to improve themselves. It was absolutely intoxicating to be around so many positive people and so much positivity!

But it was also tough to find time to do that and my transcription job. It takes me anywhere between 90 minutes - 2 hours a day to do, depending on the minimum for the day and it left very little time for working my Beachbody business unless I did it when Jake was home or Kaycee was awake and I didn't want to do that. I wanted to spend quality time with them during that time. We decided that soon, I was going to quit Telenotes but not yet.

I hit Emerald, the first rank advancement as a coach, and felt so high I could have flown away. I absolutely loved feeling like I was improving myself and others lives and also bringing in income. Jake noticed the changes in me and decided to make changes to his health too (he was one of the 7 I helped). He started drinking Shakeology every day and began eating more fruits and vegetables. I told him before we bought his Shakeology that he needed to try to make good choices with his eating or it would be a waste of money to keep buying Shakeology and he took me incredibly serious. He started cutting back soda gradually each day until yesterday he went his first full day without any soda. None. No caffeine or carbonation at all. I was SOOOO DANG proud of him and absolutely LOVED how rewarding it felt for me to know that I helped someone I care about so much change and feel better!

Friday of this week, we realized it was too hard for me to do both and I quit Telenotes after a lot of prayer and discussion. And I felt so at peace afterwards, even though that's part of our income going away. I didn't feel worried - I knew that it would be okay and that things would work out for us and that Beachbody was where I needed to be focusing my time when Kaycee was napping and Jake was at work. I need that positivity in my life to help overcome the depression that sometimes rears its head - I need that motivation to keep up with my own nutrition and exercise regimen so that I can get the results I want for myself so we can continue our family!

It's been a very liberating thing knowing I don't have to work at a job I don't like anymore. I felt really trapped by Kaycee's naps because she had to get a really consistent nap every day so that I could work or else I would get in trouble for not meeting my minimum. There were countless days I was still working when Jake came home and couldn't spend time with him until I was done. I missed countless times of doing activities with my family during the day because I knew Kaycee's nap would get messed up if we did that and that meant work would get messed with and we couldn't let that happen. Whenever Kaycee got sick, it was stressful because I didn't know how I would work after being up with her all night or how I would be able to put her down and let her take a nap in her crib when she was cuddly so I could work. It's just been so nice knowing that tomorrow I don't have to go back to a job I don't like that wasn't working for us right now. And it's awesome knowing I can focus on Beachbody and helping people because it truly doesn't feel like work. I absolutely love it!

The next rank I'm aiming for is Diamond and my goal is to hit it by the end of August. Can't wait to see what fitness goals I can accomplish for myself and who I can help around me reach their goals too!

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