Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kaycee is 2 months!

On Monday, our little miss turned 2 months old! Time for photo overload!

Kaycee did a little laugh for the first time and we got it on camera - it absolutely melts my heart to listen to! And she's officially VERY smiley now! 
My awesome friend Jaelyn let me borrow her Moby wrap to see if I like it before I buy one - I have loved it so far! I "wear" Kaycee around the house sometimes when she won't nap and it's really convenient! 
I "wore" Kaycee while I helped my mom organize her playroom in her basement - made it SO nice to have my hands free! 
Jaelyn crocheted an adorable hat for Miss Kaycee and Jake wanted to model it 
Rocking her little hat
She fell asleep one day watching me workout. I have her watch me on days I lift, and then have her nap in her crib on days I do Turbo 
Reading books before nap time
We've had some crazy weather, and one a day that was a little cold & blustery miss & I were tire shopping, so I put a little hat on her to keep her warm. I was DYING in her cute little hat!! 
When I put her to sleep in her pack n play, her head is normally facing --> way, but she wakes up with her head facing down. Little wiggler!! 
Snuggles are the best
Fell asleep reading books 
Little cheeser is her adorable outfit!

I love that cute nose!
Meeting her Great Grandma Kay for the first time! And loving on Grandpa too :) 
Great Grandma Kay and miss snuggling
Snuggling after bath time! 
Love how she holds onto me
2 months - she looks so much bigger! 
Her 2 month appointment was last Friday and she's doing great! She's now 22.25" {49%}, weighs 10 lbs. 8.5 ozs. {37%} & her head circumference is 38.8 cm {75%}. So her percentages have stayed the same except for weight. Some fun things from this month:

  • Like I mentioned above, she is smiling LOTS now! She is a cheeser while she drinks her bottle and is constantly getting her milk everywhere because she smiles and it falls out the sides of her mouth. 
  • We started Babywise 1 week ago today and she's picked up on it like a CHAMP! Took 2 nights and then she was sleeping 7-9 hours a night straight {she'd been doing 4-5 before}. She wakes up, eats, and then goes right back to sleep for another 4-5 hours. So waking up once in a 12 hour span most nights. It's AWESOME!!! 
  • She's starting to nap better in her crib. Still doesn't love it, but she's getting much better. 
  • She's officially in size 1 diapers - goes through 6 ish a day. She averages a poopy diaper every other day. 
  • Still haven't had a MAJOR blow out, other than the 1 when she was few weeks old. Because her poop schedule is fairly consistent, I know when to expect it and can change her right afterwards. I'm sure that won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it now! 
  • She is still wearing some of her newborn clothes, but for the most part is in 3 month clothes, which means she now has a FRICK TON of clothes. Seriously, it stresses me out to look at her closet and see all the clothes she has, and to know they won't get worn as much as they should. Hopefully she has little sisters so that I don't feel so bad about all this girl stuff! 
  • She is ok with being swaddled still, as long as it's just her legs. She's always loved having her hands near her face {turbo style} so I've always just swaddled her from her armpits down. If I don't swaddle her, she doesn't sleep for very long before she wakes up.
  • She's doing awesome with the Costco brand formula, which I am SOOOOO grateful for! She averages around 25 ounces a day, spread out through usually 6 bottles. 
  • She's starting to get a little attitude with her binky - she only wants it if she's VERY sleepy and you're holding her most of the time. She won't really hold it in her mouth when she's in her seat or if she's awake. 
  • She has started to discover her hands! She sucks on her whole little fist when she's sleepy and can't find her binky. It's very cute :) 
  • I think she has a favorite book! There's a book my friend Tessa bought her that's called "Bubbles bubbles bubbles". It's a cute, short cardboard book with super colorful Sesame Street characters and miss seems to love it! We'll see if it keeps up! 
  • She still loves bath time! She hasn't really splashed or anything when she's in there, she just enjoys it and relaxes. The lotion trauma seems to be better - her last bath there was NO lotion crying! Hopefully it keeps up! 
  • She loves to talk to Jake at the end of the night. He'll say "hey" over and over again in a deep repetitive voice and she just giggles and talks back. It's adorable. Like beyond adorable. 
  • She loves to watch me with her eyes whenever I put her down - she's doing great at following objects with her eyes. 
  • We've introduced her to petting Max. We have to hold her little hand open, and then we pet Max over and over again. I think it's helping her learn and discover new textures, and it's helping Max get used to her touching him. 
  • She's ROCKING it at tummy time! She will push her head up and stay up for quite a while and just look around. If we are holding her, she lifts her head off of us and looks all around. 
  • She's very curious and loves to be look around. There are times she doesn't want to snuggle, so we sit her in our laps and let her look around. Which occasionally means she's watching TV {Yup, we let our child watch TV. Crappy parents right here}. She really likes watching TV though - kinda bad that she already likes it so much haha.  
I've always been warned to "enjoy it because they grow so fast" and I can see what people mean. But at the same time, because I am able to be a stay at home mom, I don't feel like I want it to slow down - I like the pace we're at. I can enjoy each phase without feeling like I want her to stop progressing into new stages because "she's growing too fast". I'm grateful I'm able to "live in the now" and enjoy each phase, rather than missing previous phases or wishing for future phases to just hurry and get here. 

I absolutely love being a mom - it's been an amazing 2 months. Can't wait to see what she learns to do this month! 

Kaycee girl, mommy & daddy love you more than life itself! 

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