Monday, March 10, 2014

What 6 weeks means...

So I wrote this 2 weeks ago and just never finished it, but it's got some good updates so I'm posting it anyway. 

I feel like Kaycee turning 6 weeks brings some milestones worth a post, since they're all pretty big things. 
  • I got the all clear from my midwife and got an IUD. I was scared/nervous for my appointment {I hated being checked when I was in labor, and I'm sure this is going to be just DANDY} but it wasn't as bad as I feared. Follow up is this week and excited for it to be over!! 
  • I've been working out for going on 5 weeks now. I have been lifting, but 2 weeks ago I did my first Turbo workout since I was 8 weeks pregnant. And oh have I missed working out!! I like lifting weights but Turbo is my love and cardio is key to getting all the weight off fast. Weight lifting will help for sure, it'll help tone and what not but cardio is also important and I'm grateful I have cardio I love so much! 
  • To help me get the weight off, I decided to go back to doing Weight Watchers {or the knock off version I do since I'm so cheap} instead of counting calories and it's been going AMAZING. I had been planning on just doing Weight Watchers until I got my good habits back and then switching to calories, but I think I'll be sticking with Weight Watchers for good. It helps me not binge - I feel like if I want pizza, I can have pizza and I don't have to eat the whole pizza. That was how I gained 20 lbs back after I hit goal weight - I kept binging because I was telling myself I could never eat those "unclean" foods ever again and that isn't healthy. 
  • 2 weeks ago today should have been my first day back at work. I'm still so grateful I can stay home!! It makes having her grow and reach new milestones not sad because I'm not missing anything. I'm trying really hard to love each phase she's in, rather than missing precious stages or wishing for future ones. I think that's helping me not be so sad about her growing too - I can just enjoy the now. 
6 weeks was a big milestone for both of us!! I sure love my mini, can't imagine my life without her. 

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