Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kaycee is 8 months!

Our Kaycee girl turned 8 months yesterday! It's amazing to me how fast time is going! This month I didn't take as many pictures as previous months, but I think that's partially because I posted some of the pictures I've taken in other blog posts this month.  Without further adieu, here's Kaycee's collection of adorableness via pictures!

She loves to help me do the laundry. Or maybe she just loves hangers?
2 tired kiddos after a walk
Her first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. Don't worry, I didn't let go of her the entire time we were at Sean's Smokehouse!
Smiling for Aunt Nene in the back of the Durango

She thinks she can take Max for walks all by herself now. Seriously, it kills me how cute he is with her!
Whatcha doing?!
Her shirt says "Whoos the cutest?" Uh, Kaycee!!
Practicing rolling over!
Her version of a PiYo flip
True love
Her cute pink converse. She kicked them off about 10 seconds after I took this and they landed in the dishwasher. She had the most triumphant little smile on like "mom I found my feet again!!"
I told her to smile for daddy so I could send her daily picture to Jake and I got this. She sure loves that daddy word!
Cowgirl Kaycee!
Holding onto the cup holder in her stroller
2nd generation besties - she loves hanging with Majken
Nearly asleep leaning against Jake a church.
Pulled herself ALL the way forward. She's so strong!
Jake snapped this picture during family prayer. Love that Max stayed in with us for family prayer!
She's a gansta
She loves her exersaucer!
Bathtime buddies
2 laundry helpers!
First ponytail! The night before, Jake suggested I try it and he called her a unicorn. I can't help but think that's exactly what she looks like!
Admiring her pony tail
First pony tail with a bow
Jake's work had an awesome event at Thanksgiving Point where we got to see "Night at the Museum" on the grass by the waterfall. I've never been to the waterfall before and I was dying at how gorgeous it was!
Kaycee's first 5K!
We did the Addicts II Athletes 5K in Lehi last weekend. Kaycee did so good!
Happy girl her with spoon!
Playing in her blanket. It reminds me of Linus in Charlie Brown Christmas Special!
Good morning, mom! I literally see this face EVERY single morning when I wake her up. ALWAYS a huge smile.
She's big enough to stand now for her monthly nearly naked shot!!
Cute unicorn!
Some fun things from this month:
  • She said her first word! She said "dada" on August 28th and I about died I was so excited. We got it on video too. She practices saying it now and it's super cute. If I were to predict, I'd say her first "real" word is going to be Max. She sounds kind of like she's trying to say it.
  • She waved!! She waved at Clint when we were going over to Jake's parents to see them and I was totally surprised, I didn't know she could do it! She clenches her hand and then loosens it but she mimics you if you do it first. SO cute!
  • Sleep wise, she's gone back to doing 3 naps some days, it depends on the day. Most days it's only 2 and she's done great at sleeping this month again, back to 12 uninterrupted hours a night.
  • She loves solids. She's eating peaches, yogurt, carrots and applesauce now in addition to the foods I mentioned last month. We try to have her eat solids 3 times a day but sometimes it's only once or twice.
  • She has 5 bottles a day, averages around 25 ounces. She is getting very good at communicating when she's done - duck lips and she vigorously shakes her head no when she is done with her bottle. Still has zero interest in holding her bottle.
  • Still very much in size 3 diapers.
  • I moved almost all of her 3-6 month or 6 month clothes out of her closet. I can think of 1 outfit that's 3-6 that still fits but it's a different brand so I think that's why. I'm getting ready to start having her wear 9 month clothes, they just look so big but I think she's ready for them.
  • She's doing so great at standing. Not really much interest in taking steps, but she is holding onto other things now like the edge of the crib or her dresser if we guide her hands to them. She will also stand on her own if she's leaning against something {like the chair picture above}.
  • Ok but really, I swear she has 2 teeth coming. She's drooling like crazy and I swear I can see her gums swelling up but I thought that last month too so we'll see what happens.
  • She is a PRO at rolling. She can roll and roll and roll - she'll go from one end of the room to the other if you give her long enough. So just a tad late on that one but hey, she's moving at her own speed and it's helping me get to enjoy her as a baby so it's fine by me!
  • She loves other people. She's very social at the grocery store or at the hospital when I get my blood drawn {those are the 2 main places we go each week}. She smiles and talks and waves and it's super cute.
  • Still loves Max, she is constantly trying to touch him. If she is fussy and he walks in the room, the frown turns upside down and it's all giggles. She knows the sound of his nails on the wood floor and as soon as she hears it she will look around for him. They seriously love each other.
  • She plays with these little floating numbers in the bath and she loves them - right now she's playing with an 8 for 8 months, a K and an M. She loves to eat them, set them down and watch them float and do it all over again.
Happy 8 months Kaycee, we love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you!

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