Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kaycee is 9 months!!

Kaycee turned 9 months on Friday! Since she was born I haven't been the best at blog posts but I'm glad that I've at least been doing monthly posts for her! Be prepared for picture overload!

Love that cute smile 
She pulled her bow out during nap and threw it on the floor 

She took off her binkie and threw it between the crib and the wall. It happens almost daily now if we use this binkie leash since it's not the strongest hold 
Playing with Jake's iPhone 6. She seemed so happy! 
BYU fans in their game day gear! 
Rough day
Playing with her ball from Grandma

I don't know how it's possible for this to be so freaking cute but it is! 

Play date with Harrison Casey. The 2 of them are betrothed - if Kaycee gets married her name will be Kaycee Casey and her initials with be KC 

Sleepy girl

Looking so fancy for Sarah's mission homecoming talk
When we put her down to bed at night we have been rolling these blankets and putting them on either side so she can stay asleep on her back. She figured out how to roll over them and had unrolled one and put it over her head and popped up from underneath it when I came in to wake her up in the morning. Super cute! 
She rolled to her bookshelf and picked this book off the shelf and held it for nearly 10 minutes

First time down the slide on her new swing set! We got an AMAZING swing set from our next door neighbors and are SO excited for her to get to play with it as she gets older! 
Playing outside 
I needed to give Kaycee her bath and as soon as she was asleep I needed to bathe Max too so I just decided to bathe them at the same time. Kaycee thought it was the funniest thing ever that her puppy was in the bathtub. Max hated it because her bathtub trapped him in place and he couldn't run away from the water. 
Unrolling her blanket again. This was the last night we put blankets on the sides of her before bed
Watching President Monson speak during General Conference
Listening to Richard G Scott 

Her bottom 2 teeth came through!! 
Looking so tall 

9 months! 
Some fun things for the month:
  • She weights 19 lbs {64%}, is 27.5 inches tall {43%} and her head is 44.4 cm {65%}.
  • Still no sign of saying mama but today she said "ma" and then snuggled up next to me. I literally cried. I don't know if she meant "mama" or what but her saying a name that sounded like an affectionate name and then cuddling into me seriously made me absolutely melt. 
  • Her 2 teeth finally popped through! They came through about 5 days apart. We gave her Tylenol to help with her pain since she seemed to be in pain and that totally helped her! I don't think she realizes she has something sharp in her mouth, she's stuck her fingers in the mouth before and accidentally bit herself and started crying. 
  • Sleep wise, she's back to 2 naps. She's extending her 1st nap to nearly 3 hours somedays and then 2nd nap is 2 hours. She is doing great at being awake for long periods of time and not getting over the top fussy. She's stayed up well past her bedtime the last 2 days and been great both times! Some days though she definitely insists on bedtime and can get pretty fussy if we don't put her down soon. 
  • She's been doing it for a while but Jake and I just connected the dots that she likes to put her hands behind her head when it's time for her nap. If we lay her in her crib and she's ready for a nap, she'll put her hands behind her head like "Oh yeah, it's nap time. Time to get comfy!" and falls asleep with her hands behind her head. So cute! 
  • She's in 9 month clothes now and wearing size 2 shoes. She's had smaller feet but big ankles so shoes have been hard to find that fit in both places but I've found a few pairs that fit! 
  • She's doing so great at chewing her solids! We can give her cheerios or raisins and she'll chew them up just fine. She's started feeding herself some solids too. She can't pick up fruit yet since it's slippery but she's figured out how to get something from the tray to her hand to her mouth! 
  • She's held her bottle for very brief seconds and then stops. She knows how and is choosing not to the little stinker! 
  • She has 4-5 bottles a day, each around 6 ounces. She is really not having much interest in bottles lately so we really make sure she's getting enough solids. I'm planning to talk to her pediatrician at her appointment tomorrow to make sure her weight is okay since she doesn't eat many bottles. 
  • Still in size 3 diapers :) 
  • She's rolling like a rollie-pollie-ollie. She rolls all over and is FAST at getting from one part of the room to another. We have to be careful if we walk away to make sure there's nothing she can get into on the floor. She has rolled into her closet and under her crib. 
  • She still loves meeting new people and making friends everywhere we go. There's a few employees at Smith's who recognize her because we grocery shop there every week.
  • Her hair is getting crazier! It likes to stand up on end and I can't get it flat no matter what I do. 
  • Since she was born, we've heard 100's of times how much she looks like Jake. The last few weeks though, we're starting to have more people say she looks like me. Not going to lie, it's nice having people think she looks or does anything similar to me. I love that she's like Jake, don't get me wrong but sometimes I'd like for her to be something like me and it's nice having people see that. 
  • She has started giving me little hugs after naps. When I pick her up she'll cling super tight to me and bury her head in my neck. Seriously makes me about melt. I can't say how much I love it. 
  • She isn't crawling yet and doesn't really seem like she wants to right now - she's content to roll. She is getting better at balancing on her hands and knees if we lift her up so she's on all 4's but she doesn't do it by herself yet. I'm sure she will though, she's just going at her own speed and she has to want to do it first. She's IDENTICAL to her dad that way! She can push herself backwards though, especially on the wood. It's like a reverse army crawl. 
  • She has started taking naps and sleeping at night on her tummy. Makes me INSANELY nervous but I know she knows how to get off her tummy so I guess it's okay.
Happy 9 months baby girl, we love you so much!! 

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