Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekend away {Kaycee's 1st road trip}

We had the chance a few weeks ago to go up to a friend's cabin for the weekend near Park City. It was a much needed break from the "norm" and I'm so glad we got to go! We went with the Richardson's, the Lovell's, the D'Agostini's and the Myers - they are all families in our ward!

She kept trying to crawl in the suitcase but when we put her in she wanted nothing to do with it
All ready to go! 
The trunk all loaded up! 
We stopped and got lunch at Subway in Park City on the way up. We had 10 adults and 15 kids - we nearly took up the entire restaurant!

The cabin covered in snow - literally! 
We spent a lot of time relaxing and talking - we had no cell phone service and didn't activate the wi-fi on our phones. In fact I didn't have my phone anywhere near me most of the weekend and it was awesome!

Panoramic Jake took

Messy black bean baby! 
Going sledding! It was so much fun but a little intense and scary with Kaycee!
All bundled and ready to sled! 

She slept so great! 

Jake took a few pictures and videos with his quadcopter 

It was a fabulous weekend and it was great to get away! We had so much fun getting to know families in our ward better and made great new friends! Thanks again Betsey and Caleb!

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