Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kaycee's 1st Birthday Party

I'm finally getting around to posting Kaycee's birthday pictures! We had a Minnie Mouse theme for everything - thank you Pinterest!

I saw an idea on Pinterest to have everyone who comes sign a book!
My sister Jeannene wrote the cute poem! 

A banner of all her monthly pictures plus other milestones. I love how it turned out - it was HUGE! 
Dustin, Keisha, Clint, Adalynn & my dad. Macy, my mom and Rick, Brynne & Blake, Jeannene and Popper also came. 
The birthday girl eating her pizza and green beans. She loves green beans! 
We had pizza with different salads and cupcakes for dinner. After we finished eating it was time to open presents! 

Kaycee got lots of clothes and toys! She is definitely a spoiled little mini! After gifts, it was time for the cake smash! 

Kaycee's cake I made! I am so proud of how it turned out! 

She had lots of fun playing with it politely and I decided to help her get a little messy! 

Bath in the sink afterwards!
It was a wonderful birthday party, I'm so grateful we were able to celebrate Kaycee and her wonderful first year of life. Happy birthday again honey, we love you!

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