Monday, January 12, 2015

Kaycee is 1 year old!

Our little Kaycee turned 1 last Saturday! I feel like I've blogged a lot of pictures lately with Christmas festivities so here are some pictures that have not already been posted from her 12th month of life! 

All bundled up for a 5K - hoodie, long sleeve shirt, gloves, hat, pants, leg warmers, socks and shoes!
She loves pizza! She ate an entire slice by herself, we were super proud of her!
Watching Shaytards with dad
They are confused about who sleeps where apparently 
Discovering Max's crate
Pulled herself up in her crib all by herself! 

Standing! I helped her a little bit this time - probably shouldn't have taught her how to stand up at the bookshelf since she loves to empty it! 
Sleepy girl

She doesn't snuggle with Jake, like ever, so Jake was super excited that she just laid on him and stayed there for a good 15 minutes. She's done it multiple times since this was taken and he loves it! 
Wearing dad's hat

Eating mac and cheese - one of her favorites!
Trying to use her spoon!
On her grandpa's birthday {my dad and Jake's dad have the same birthday} she wore her "My Grandpa is the best!" onesie
She's strong - Jake couldn't get her to let go! 
Crawling around after playing with Chloe. No, we didn't get a new dog {I wish!} - we were dog sitting for a friend. Chloe loved to lay in Max's little bed even though she's a boxer and definitely not a small dog. Kaycee LOVED having her with us! 
Pig tails! 

Another shot of the pig tails
"What, I didn't do that."

Popper got her this onesie for Christmas. Yes, Kaycee does love her Pop!
Apples are a new favorite, especially when they are as big as her face!
Play date with her fiance Harrison
Crazy post bath hair! 
Fell asleep sitting up

12 month nearly naked shot 
Closest I was going to get to a picture on her birthday in her chair - she did not want to sit still! 
Some fun things from this month:

  • She is 20 pounds 2 ounches {55%}, 29 inches tall {43%} and her head circumference is 45 cm {52%}. 
  • She is amazing at pulling to stand and can pull on about anything to stand up now {walls, book shelves, dresser, legs, tables - if it's slightly steady she will use it!}
  • She has sat up by herself a few more times. I know she knows how, I just don't think she knows that she knows how. 
  • She is not a fan of formula lately - we have to really coax her to drink it. Switching to milk hopefully today. 
  • She loves water and LOVES chocolate almond milk. Those are definitely her preference for drinks. 
  • She loves every food we put in front of her. She loves to feed herself so I usually try to find things she can feed herself. I realized I hadn't been feeding her many fruits or vegetables so we've been adding lots more of those and she seems to love them! 
  • She's going through a "poop in the tub" phase and it sucks. A lot. It's probably 4 or 5 nights a week she leaves us a nice smelly gift in her little bath tub. 
  • She's getting a little vocabulary! She is great at saying hi and says it often and pretty much on command. She has said hello and hey multiple times too. She says "oggy" for Max and says it often! If she hears him, sees him, wants him or is playing with him she's saying "oggy". She has also said "bar bar" super fast like "bark bark". That is definitely something her "oggy" says a lot! 
  • She is discovering pointing at things and we love it! 
  • She LOVES her Violet dog she got for Christmas. She sleeps with it and we've caught her multiple times using it as a pillow or hugging it in her sleep. She's never liked any stuffed animals - whenever I try to get her to play with one she immediately drops it and picks up any other toy but she LOVES her Violet. It's helping her like other stuffed animals now, she is starting to play with some of her old ones that she had ignored previously. 
  • She is in 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Her size 2 white church shoes are a little tight so we retired them. I don't know what exact shoe size she is since her shoes right now are all moccasins that aren't sized - she has 5 pairs! She actually keeps them on her feet which is a huge relief! 
  • She is starting to show more interest when we turn the TV on, especially if it's Shaytards. She will sit in my lap and watch the entire YouTube video with us. 
  • At last count she had 7 or 8 teeth - they are coming in like crazy! She is very sensitive in her little mouth and doesn't let us feel often so we have to wait until we can see it when she laughs before we know it's there {unless we want to hold her down and feel which she hates}.
  • She is taking 2 naps still, 1 long in the morning and 1 shorter in the evenings.
  • Church has been better since we switched to 1:00 because she can get a nap in before church but now she wants to crawl and explore and it makes sitting quietly in Relief Society or Sacrament Meeting really tough! We spend a lot of Relief Society in the hall way each week. 
  • She is crawling SUPER fast - she has mastered the movement and can get places pretty quick! She usually stays near us and just explores the room we are in so we haven't had to do too much baby proofing. 
  • She has identified the sound of the garage opening with daddy. She's had a few days where the garage will open when Jake gets home from work and she'll immediately turn towards the noise and say "dada". It's adorable. She's also started crawling towards the hallway now so she can see him when he comes in. 
  • She started grinding her teeth last night - really hope that goes away! We think more teeth are coming and that's why she's doing it. Either way, I hate that sound! 
  • She absolutely loves other kids and loves play dates! She tends to laugh when other kids cry and we are trying to teach her not to laugh but her laugh is infectious so we end up laughing with her while we are trying to tell her it isn't nice to laugh when other people are crying. 
  • She is becoming quite the hair/necklace/earring puller. I've been just tolerating it and now I'm realizing I need to nicely be correcting her so that she doesn't think it's okay to pull other peoples hair. I will say "ouch!" when she does it to startle her a little bit and then she always cries - always. She is SO sensitive. Jake told her to stop chewing on her crib last night and she immediately started welling up. She makes the most ADORABLE sad face right before she cries, it is so heart breaking and so cute at the same time. She's definitely sensitive and doesn't like to be told she's doing something wrong. 
  • She still loves the car and is usually very quiet - she just looks out the window. She's still rear facing and I plan to keep her that way as long as possible. I can't wait for her to be forward facing but I want her to be safe too! 
I think that's everything for this month! I am going to try to keep doing monthly posts just so that I know I am blogging at least once a month and have a place to dump all the cute pictures I take of her and I can continue to document things she is doing each month but I won't be doing the pig side by side comparison pictures anymore. Crazy how much she has grown in a year {or how much that pig has shrunk}! 

Happy birthday again Kaycee, we love you!! 

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