Friday, January 9, 2015

New Years 2015

This year for New Years we were invited to 2 different parties, 1 at 6:00 and 1 at 8:00 so we figured we'd make a stop at each and then go home and get Kaycee to bed and bring in the New Years just Jake and me. I rented 4 Redbox movies so we'd have a good selection to chose from. 

We went to Jake's aunt and uncles house first and had taco bar with his Jody, Teresa, Tandy and Becca plus Jake's parents and brothers. It was really fun and good to see everybody. It was also Jake's moms birthday so Kaycee got to see grandma on her birthday! 

By the time we were done eating it was 8:00 so time to run to the next party before Kaycee was ready for bed! We were bummed we didn't get to stay and play games since it is always fun playing games with that side of Jake's family. We drove just up the street to my Uncle Bryan's house and planned on staying until Kaycee got fussy and then we'd leave. 

Except she never got fussy! 

We ended up staying until midnight talking with my aunts and uncles and just relaxing. There weren't anywhere near as many people as when we went over there on Christmas Adam so it was much more relaxing. We talked about football and family and life and it was great fun! And Kaycee made it to midnight! 

Practicing crawling on their floor

Pulling to stand on everything!
At midnight Jake and I each kissed one of Kaycee's cheeks and then we kissed each other. It was so fun ringing in the New Year with other people. 15 is my favorite number of all time so you know this is going to be the best year EVER!! Happy New Years!

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