Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Days of 2014

Keeping with the tradition I've done the last few years, I want to go over the Top 10 days from 2014!

#10 - January 19, the day I got my Durango. Jake listed his Chevy on KSL and it sold in a few hours and we got exactly what we wanted for it. We bought my Durango the next day from a guy in Lehi and I absolutely love it. It's been an awesome car and it works great with Kaycee's car seat.

#9 - August 27, the day our wood floor was finished. We started it in July if I remember right but it was finished at the end of August and oh my word was I happy when it was all finished! I absolutely love having it and don't miss the carpet at all!

#8 - March 30, the night Kaycee slept 12 hours straight for the first time. Sleep is incredibly important to me and that was the part of parenthood I was the most worried about and it turns out Kaycee is a fabulous sleeper! I got to go back to a regular night's sleep almost immediately!

#7 - September 6, the day BYU beat Texas. Yep, this is going in my top 10 days. BYU didn't have the best season but that was a dang good day. BYU pummeled them 41-7. Good job Cougars!

#6 - December 25, the day of Kaycee's first Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas and getting to experience it as a parent was amazing. Add on top of that the wonderful gifts I got and time I got to spend with my family, especially my dad, made it a fabulous and definitely top 10 worthy day.

#5 - April 4, the day that Kaycee was blessed. I had dreamt about that day a lot and had always wanted my husband to be able to bless our kids. Jake worked so hard and was worthy to bless Kaycee and I'm so proud of him for that. It was an amazing day!

#4 - February 25, the first time I heard Kaycee laugh. If you'd have told me before I had kids how magical the sound of your child's laughter is I would have said you belong in a Disney movie. It's so true though - the sound of Kaycee laughing can fix just about any problem I am having. I absolutely love to hear her laugh!

#3 - February 3, the day Jake went to day shift. Seriously, this was a FABULOUS day! I have LOVED Jake being on day shift and cannot even remember how the heck we ever saw each other when he was on graveyard. I am so grateful the opportunity for him to go to day shift came when it did - the timing could not have been better!

#2 - January 13, the day Kaycee came home from the hospital. I loved our hospital - Orem Community is fabulous and I totally recommend them but getting to leave with our healthy little baby girl and come home and introduce her to Max was the 2nd best day of my year. I remember I could not stop crying that morning when the pediatrician told us she was going to get to come home. We weren't going to have to go home without her - our little girl got to come home with us. I can only think of 1 day better then that day...

#1 - January 10, the day Kaycee was born. With her birthday coming, I've been finishing her baby book and going through pictures for her birthday video and I can't help but feel nostalgic. I think as mom's that's supposed to happen when your baby turns 1, right? I am so overwhelmed at the emotions I felt that day and how strong they still are. I hope to never ever feel that sense of fear and helplessness again as she nearly died after delivery. I cannot wait to feel that overwhelming sense of love when we have little siblings for Kaycee someday. I had no idea I could love someone so much that I had never seen before. I had read that sometimes it's hard to attach to your baby because you are used to them being inside and next to you and having them outside of you can be an adjustment. That was NOT my case. Yes, sometimes it felt weird to not feel her kicking but I loved seeing her and holding her and kissing her and snuggling her. I had no idea motherhood could be so amazing. I'd heard it was hard and emotionally exhausting and all that negative stuff but I wasn't prepared for the benefits and all the perks! Hands down, the best day of 2014 was the day I met my mini.

2014 was the best year ever. I am not necessarily where I wanted to be with my health goals, but all of that aside, it was still the best year. Having Kaycee in my life and seeing her relationship with me grow and seeing Jake with her has made this year so different. I can't believe it's only been a year and at the same time I can't believe it's already been a year. I'll make a super sappy post about all that next week when she turns 1 {WHAT?! How is my baby already 1?!}

Happy New Years, may 2015 be the best year EVER!

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