Monday, December 15, 2014

Kaycee meets Santa and goes to a movie!

December 6th my mom had a company work party that all family is invited to at the movie theater at Jordan Commons! We got to choose to go see Mockingjay or Penguins of Madagascar.  Since no one would have to pay for it, we all decided to go see Penguins and bring Kaycee! If she ended up getting fussy it wouldn't mater since nobody had to pay for it.

Right before we went into the movie, Kaycee got to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause! It was AWESOME not having to stand in a 4 hour line and not having to pay for the pictures.  Add on top of that her smiling and it was absolutely perfect!!!

After she was done with Santa we went into the movie.  She did so good!! She loved watching it off and on and would play quietly with a toy in her seat or eat some snacks we had packed for her.  
At the very end I had to stand up with her but we stayed in the theater and she played with the wall. She is totally loving weird texture walls lately - she LOVES to reach for them and play with them and movie theaters have that scratchy carpet wall which she thought was the coolest thing ever!

After the movie we had to camp out in the lobby for a bit because Jake accidentally locked the keys in the car and we needed to get it open. While we waited, Kaycee made a friend! There was the most adorable 5 year old boy with Down Syndrome who was fascinated with "the baby" and she thought he was the bees knees {seriously, she LOVES older kids!}.

She was waving "hi" to him
Jake was able to get the car unlocked without having to pay for a locksmith, yay! It was a very fun and free day! Thanks Grammy!! 

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