Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Cultural Activity, Fun Night & Service Project

My family started a new tradition last year where we do 3 activities together as a family and my parents pay for all of it and it is their Christmas gift to us. We do a fun activity, a cultural activity and a service project. On December 13 we did our cultural night and our fun night! We realized last year it was stressful trying to do the activities on 3 different days so we combined 2 of them this year and that made it much less stressful! 

For our fun activity we went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.  We've been before with Jake's work but Kaycee was teeny and slept the whole time so we were super excited to get to take her again! 

Wearing her festive Christmas sweater from Jen Wall 
Practicing walking with Brynne 
Playing at the water table 
Blake, Jake, Popper and Dayton did the ropes course! I'm impressed, I'm not a fan of heights and it looked WAY too high to me! 
Brynne and Kayc playing
You can totally tell Brynne is a teacher - she was so good at explaining things as Kaycee was exploring

We rode a bike that makes a light turn on - the faster you pedal, the brighter the light gets. I put Kaycee on my knee and she loved it! 

Playing in the little kids area. She loved all the other kids! 

Kaycee doesn't weigh very much - she is only 0.004 of a hippo but she weighs 46,965 grasshoppers  
Sleepy girl 
After we were finished at the museum, we went to dinner at Sakura Teppan Yaki Grill in Orem. It was really good, and we had fun. Kaycee loved trying all the different foods and enjoyed snacking on her goldfish while we waited for our food to come out.

Afterwards our little peanut was ready for bed so we headed home and stopped at a dancing house in Saratoga Springs. Jake and I go to see a dancing house every year so it was fun to find one so close that we could take Kaycee to see! She looked out her window a little bit at it and then fell asleep.

We did our service project on Christmas Adam {the day before Christmas Eve} and delivered food to someone who works at Brynne's school who is in need.  In addition to having financial problems right now, they also just lost her father in law to cancer and were planning his funeral. Made me so sad for her, and so grateful for the circumstances in my life this holiday season. She was so appreciative and I loved getting that warm fuzzy from surprising someone with tons of food for them to cook and enjoy this holiday season!

This tradition is super fun and I love the extra time with my family doing activities!

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