Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas with the Jones' & Burton's!

Every year my best friend Cassie and her family and my family all get together and have a big dinner and exchange gifts. We've been best friends since we were 3. I feel like they are family and her sisters are my sisters. If everyone comes, it's like 30+ people so it can get crazy now that 3 of us have kids! This year we went to Cassie's moms house in Elk Ridge. We had a yummy roast with all the fixings and then opened gifts! 

Popper and Kaycee 
Kaycee got her first baby doll!! She loved it - I was super surprised! I didn't think she was old enough for a baby but she proved me wrong! 

Cassie also made an adorable blanket, gave Kaycee a crib, stroller, second outfit for the baby and a bottle! Kaycee was a very spoiled girl!!  

Dagny got a My Little Pony blanket
Asher and Otto got Lego's! 

I got Cassie a necklace {that hadn't come yet!} with her kids names on it! She loved it! 
Cassie made me these 3 signs! If you've ever been in my house, 10 to 1 all the decor you think is cute she made. She has decorated my entire house with all her awesome gifts she gets me! 
She made Jake a "go bag" for his volunteer sheriff stuff he is doing. He was really excited and had no idea! 

I got Eric The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Blu Ray but my phone died before I could take a picture.  After we were done we headed home and Kaycee had a hard time going to sleep - she just wanted to stay up and play with her baby!

This is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions and I am so glad we are able to do it every year! I've literally done this every Christmas {except for the 2 we lived in California} since I was probably 4. That's a lot of Christmas'!  

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