Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jake the plumber

Our faucet in the kitchen got a leak a few months ago and Jake and I both decided we wanted to get a new faucet. The kind I wanted wouldn't look good with our sink  since our sink was stainless steel and the faucet I wanted was bronze. Jake said he hated our sink anyway and that we should get a new sink that's big on one side and small on the other side. I was all in and found the exact set up I wanted at Home Depot. His parents offered to help pay for it as part of our Christmas gift and Jake's dad came over to help us install it! 

Here are some before pictures: 

Jake working on installing it - using plumbers putty :)
And after!

I absolutely love how it turned out! We were able to get a new bronze drinking faucet on Amazon for $18.00! They don't carry them in store at Home Depot, so I was disappointed I had to get it online until I realized how much we'd save by doing Amazon instead!

Projects like this totally make my grateful for Jake and how amazing he is at handy man stuff. If we'd paid someone to install this it would have cost a pretty penny and Jake did it with his dads help! Only took 4 trips to Ridley's and an extra trip to Home Depot! 

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