Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Misc.

Christmas is my very favorite time of year and we had a lot of fun doing new and old traditions with Kaycee this year! 

We made hand prints of Kaycee for us and for Jake's mom and my mom.  Max felt left out so we made a paw print ornament too! 
Jake's mom got Kaycee an advent calendar and she loved eating the chocolate from it each night! 
The first snow of the year- pretty lame but hey it's snow! 
Don't all moms take their baby out in pajamas and a hat to see snow?
Someone left this on my car in the Smith's parking lot the week before Christmas and it totally made my day! There weren't any other cars around me that had it - my car was specially chosen! I want to do this next year and pass it on to other people! 
Kaycee opening her Christmas dress the Sunday before Christmas 

Jake opening his Christmas tie

Kaycee modeling Jake's bow tie
I got a new red sweater, we just didn't take any pictures. Jake was such a good sport and wore his bow tie to all 3 hours of church :) 

I loved getting a Christmas dress when I was little and loved that it made me excited to go to church. That's what Christmas is all about right??

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