Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Adam & Christmas Eve

Christmas Adam {Christmas Eve Eve} we did our family service project and then went to show my grandpa Brynne's cute classroom! 

Poppa sat in the back seat of the Durango so he could talk to Kaycee. They talked the whole time - she loved looking at him! 
Brynne had a genius idea to push him around on her teacher rolly chair and my mom pushed him some too - in her stiletto's! 
Then it was time for our family Christmas party with my dad's side of the family! It was so fun getting to see 3 of my 4 uncles together and spend time with them. My Wright side doesn't get together too often so it's great when we do! We've been doing it a lot more recently and I love it! 

I sure have a hot hubby don't I?
Playing the white elephant game - there was a LOT of us! 
Everybody! Sure love my family {and yes, I love Delaney and Troy's families too!}
After we were finished at the Wright party we came back home and brought my dad and Brynne and Blake with us. We all went to sleep and then woke up and went over to my mom's for breakfast as soon as Kaycee woke up. Jake had to work until 1:00 so he wasn't able to go with us. We had breakfast and did the second part of our service project and then came home and did Turbo while Kaycee took her nap! 

The 5 of us did Cardio Party together and then Brynne, Popper and I did HIIT 20 too! The family that Turbo's together stays together! 
After we finished our work, everybody went back to my parents house to hang out for the day. I stayed home and showered and got ready for the day while Kaycee finished her nap and then we opened our Christmas pajamas and our new Christmas book. *Jake and I got pajamas too, I just didn't take pictures of that apparently.*

Then it was time to go to Walmart! Jake and I have a tradition since our first year we were married that we go to Walmart right before they close on Christmas Eve and buy things for the other's stocking while we hide from each other since Santa doesn't bring gifts for parents stockings. It's always crazy stressful because we only have 15 minutes, we have a strict stocking budget, there is tons of people, things are missing or low stock throughout the whole store and we are hiding from the other person the whole time because they can't see what is in their stocking! It was super fun this year, just like always. I saw Jake like 4 times but never saw anything in his cart! He only saw me twice and fortunately he didn't see any of the stuff in my cart either! 

After triple bagging everything at Walmart and hiding it in the car, it was time to go to Jake's parents house for gifts and Christmas Eve dinner! We had a fabulous dinner with all the traditional Christmas foods and then opened gifts! We got Jake's dad a screwdriver and an ice cream scooper {he asks for the most practical gifts!} and got his mom a print with all the grandkids names and birthdays on it. We got his brothers framed prints too. Kenzie and Emrie got necklaces, Hunter got lego's and Adalynn got an outfit. We found a cute sign for Grandma that says "The best grandma's get promoted to great grandma's." 

*Side note: Sorry some of the pictures are so blurry - not sure what was wrong with my camera and it's a crazy mad dash to open gifts so there usually isn't tons of pictures taken. 

Kaycee got a baby doll! 

Our box of cash to help with our sink! I love how they wrapped it!! 
Kaycee got a pink camo 4 wheeler!! She loves having us push her around on it, she just needs to learn to sit square on her bum! 

Kaycee got some cute shoes, books, her 4 wheeler, a baby doll and a teddy bear. We got Sorry {one of my very favorite games growing up!} and cash!

When we were finished with Jake's family, we came home and put our little princess to bed. While we got her ready for bed my dad read "The Night Before Christmas" to us. My parents have been divorced for 13 or 14 years now and it's been that long since he had anyone to read that story to. It was fun for me to hear him read it again and he did such a great job of showing Kaycee the pictures.

After we finished reading "The Night Before Christmas" I read the Christmas story from Luke 2. I could feel myself getting choked up while reading but wasn't sure why and then when we said family prayer and I was asked to say it I totally started crying. I've worked REALLY hard this Christmas to incorporate more Christ and less Santa and regardless of if it affected Jake and Kaycee was too little to know, it affected me. I felt so much more this year and was really able to focus on the amazing story behind Christ's birth. Being a mom helps too I'm sure - it makes everything that Mary went through completely different when you've given birth. 

After we put Kaycee down to sleep I made breakfast for the next morning and put it in the crockpot and put out the milk, homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer and we watched part of A Christmas Story on TBS.  My dad had never seen it and was laughing super hard at all of the jokes. 

We started getting tired so we decided to go to bed around 11:30.  I felt like a little kid again - I had the hardest time falling asleep that night but I did finally get some sleep. It was an awesome Christmas Adam & Eve!

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