Monday, April 21, 2014

What have I missed?

Because of my lack of blogging lately, I've got a lot of random non-Kaycee updates to fill you in on! 

Workout/weight loss wise {before my whole platelet issue came back}, I was lifting and doing Turbo 5-6 days a week. Results have been slow - scale is barely moving but I'm noticing changes in my clothes. And it took 9 months to put the weight on, so I'm giving myself at least 9 months {if not longer} to get it off. 

I switched back to counting calories to help me with losing weight, weight watchers wasn't giving me much results. So far it's going awesome - like I said before, scale isn't moving but my clothes are fitting differently. In a really sadistic psycho way, I really like logging what I eat everyday. And portion control and watching what I put in my mouth has always been the hardest part for me - I really like food. With the whole platelet thing happening, I'll be focusing lots more on my nutrition since I haven't had much energy to do the minimal workouts I'm allowed to do! 

Like 3 months ago, we bought a Durango! I absolutely love it!! Perfect mom car :) 

My sister Brynne & her hubby Blake moved out of my grandpa "Beebaw's" house last week. It was the last time I'll ever be in his house, and the new owners have plans to re-do the outside so it's going to look different too. Kinda sad :( 

I finally jumped on the "Divergent" bandwagon and loved the series! I was glad I'd been warned that the 3rd one kinda sucked ending wise, but overall I really liked the books! The movie was good too - way different than the book, but still good. 

My cousin Josh got baptized a few weekends ago! I'm so glad we were able to go and support him! 

Jake turned 27 at the beginning of the month! We didn't do much to celebrate because it was on Sunday, during conference weekend but we had all his favorite foods at home - bacon & cinnamon rolls with OJ for breakfast, gourmet nachos for lunch & Stoufers Mac n Cheese with fried chicken for dinner & Samoas Girl Scout ice cream for dessert. We also had a family party to celebrate with my side of the family, and his brother Clint and his wife Macy came over on his birthday to visit! I got him basketball shorts, an iTunes gift card & a Hoonigan shirt on his birthday, along with some cash he can do whatever he wants with. 

I started working a few hours a week as an assistant for my friend Shukria Stewart. She's a Beachbody Coach and fitness instructor trainer for them, and needed help with computer stuff a few hours a week. So far it's been perfect - I can do it from home, during Kaycee's naps and can stop and start as needed if she wakes up or whatever. Super flexible! So thankful for the chance to earn some extra money for us without leaving my mini. 

We celebrated my moms birthday in March! We got her a Willow Tree figurine of 3 generations and she loved it. 

Our Stake split, so we're now in the same stake as my mom & sisters!! It's been fun having people I knew growing up be in my stake again! As a result of the new Stake, Bishop James was called to be in the Stake presidency so we just got a new Bishop a few weeks ago - Bishop Wall. 

Thanks to Dave Ramsey's financial advice & Jake's hard work, we're still debt free after Kaycee's delivery. Felt SOOOO nice knowing we could pay her hospitals bills {including NICU} and not make payments forever! 

Ok I think that about sums up the random stuff - I'll try to keep up on my posts a little better from here on out!

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  1. I so feel you on being debt free. It's really nice to be able to provide for your family--including paying for births--and have zero debt. Kyle and I have been blessed by this, too.