Monday, April 21, 2014

April birthday party

Last weekend, we had our family party for those with an April birthday. That means Jake, Jeannene & Popper! We had BBQ with lots of salads and chips & had cake and ice cream for dessert!

The birthday peeps {Jake's wearing an origami cash crown from my step brother Richard} 
Jake got a jambox speaker system from my mom that can wirelessly play music from our iPhones throughout the house - it's AWESOME! 
Brynne & Blake got Jake a "new dad" kit with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a whoopy cushion, farting putty & a velcro catch set!
Brynne & Blake loving on Kayc
Jeannene showing off Richard's origami wrapping of her gift 
Paul Jones made a super funny joke and we were all laughing super hard 
Richard explaining how to use the scentsy/oil warmer . Jeannene got an iPhone 5C from my parents but I forgot to take a picture! 
Love this face haha. Popper got some cute Eeyore stuff & my mom took her to Disneyland for a week, just the two of them. She also got to have a fun date with her friends to the movies & Cafe Rio with a limo!
Jeannene's gorgeous Utah State quilt that Suzanne made for her! 
Me & my princess
It was a super fun birthday party! I love having a joint party every month for all the family members with a birthday that month!

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