Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was so much fun this year - I'd always heard it was funner to celebrate holidays when you have kids and I can definitely understand why that would be true, even though Kayc was too little to do much!

Saturday started out like a usual day - bottle at 8 in the morning :)

Love that cute face
Milk beard!
Then Kayc helped me make breakfast! She's doing so good sitting in her bumbo, and she's doing great at learning to hold onto things! 

Jake was invited to go riding 4 wheelers with his family, but I knew Kayc was still a little too little for that so while he went riding, we went to the ward Easter egg hunt. She did so great - she ran around and got the most eggs out of all the other kids there. Ok, so maybe she sat and blew bubbles in her stroller with me instead. Either way, it was a blast. 

After the Easter egg hunt, she took a little nap and then it was time to go to the Natural Curiosity museum at Thanksgiving Point. It doesn't open for another month, but Jake's SUPER awesome work got passes for the whole company to go with their families! It was SOO much fun! 

She's having a blast, can't you tell?? 

After the museum, we got some dinner and came home and watched our new TV show Melissa & Joey on Netflix. It's pretty funny - we've liked it a lot.

Sunday morning, we woke up and went to church for Easter!

She really wanted to hold daddy's hand during Sacrament meeting 
Her cute Easter dress
We all took a nap, then got ready and went to my mom's for Easter dinner & festivities. Kaycee got her first Easter basket!

Her very own princess eggs
A chocolate bunny
A gorgeous picture of Christ.
Side note: She was kinda acting uninterested in all the basket stuff until she saw this - she immediately started talking and wiggling and moving her hands around. I really think she knows who He is. 
Pointing at Jesus as she was talking
An Easter bunny!! {Love her face}
Pat the Bunny book - there's fun activities to do in it! We're smelling the flowers
One of the pages has you scratch daddy's scruffy face, so dad leaned over and we scratched his face! 
She loves books :)
Easter picture! 
After Kaycee was done with her gifts, Blake & Rick hid the Easter eggs and then we had an Easter egg hunt. Afterwards, we talked and had a yummy dinner of ham, funeral potatoes & green bean casserole. I had a major epic mom fail & forgot to bring a bottle for Kaycee, so she was SCREAMING by the time the night was over. We ended up leaving before dessert {I brought ice cream & brownies} but everyone said it tasted super good. We came home and got Kayc her bottle and she was back to being a happy girl again, just in time for bed. 

The Easter bunny at our house brought her a mirror for when she's in her car seat, a teething toy I've heard great things about called Sophie the Giraffe {she isn't teething yet, I just want to be prepared} & 3 books: Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, King Bidgood's in the bathtub & You are Special. 

It was a very fun Easter - can't wait to see how fun next year is!! 

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