Monday, May 5, 2014

Updates on me

So there's a few things going on with me lately that I figured I would lump into a plain ol' boring picture-less post. That way, if you're just here for pictures, you don't see 3 different boring posts haha.

Update 1. I was released from my calling in YW yesterday. Last week, we had our monthly YW board meeting with the other leaders and it came up that I might not be able to attend each week - in fact for the month of May I might not be able to come at all to activities because Jake needs to be attending YM and we want one of us home with Kayc, since mutual is right when her bed time is. Through talking with everyone, I came to the conclusion that I needed to be released. I'd been thinking I needed to be released for a while, but figured when the timing was right it would happen. I've never asked to be released and I didn't want to, so Jake & I were trying to make it work with both of us serving the youth but it just got to be too much. Our YW President, Wendy Moyes, told me that she had talked to the Bishop about releasing me anyway and he wanted to wait until after Girls Camp {end of June} because there were lots of changes Wendy was wanting to make in YW, but after our conversation she talked to him about me specifically and within a week they called my replacement and I was released! I didn't think it would be THAT fast haha! I am very sad to no longer be with the YW, and I will miss the Mia Maids SOOOO much, but I know that right now I need to be home with Kayc so that Jake can be fulfilling his calling. I'll get to serve the youth again someday. The new Mia Maid Advisor is Janaca Cann and I am SOO excited for the girls that she will be with them! She was in YW with me as the 2nd Counselor, but with the presidency recently changing she was released. So now she gets to be with the girls again! I am SUPER excited for her!!

I had a prompting all week to listen to this talk from Jeffrey R Holland from 1997 General Conference about Motherhood, and although it's an amazing talk, I couldn't figure out why I was so prompted to listen to it until I actually did yesterday morning right before church. He talks, briefly, about sometimes having a time intensive calling at church isn't going to work with your family life, and family comes first. I had been feeling SOOOO guilty and bad that we weren't able to make it work with Jake & I both being with the youth, but his talk made me feel so much better. And then I found out I was for sure being released an hour later. I'm very grateful I listened to that prompting and listened to that talk yesterday!

Update 2: Things about going good with my platelet count! Last week the count was at 236,000 so they want me to start tapering the medicine. Last time, he had me taper 10 mg at at time but this time {at least this week} he wants me to cut 20 mg out. So I'm down to 40 mg. Wednesday is my next blood draw and from there we will see what my count does. I'm pretty sure that if it drops at all, he'll be worried and want to put me on the full dose and prep for surgery, but that's my guess & assumption and totally not doctoral fact so we will find out on Wednesday!

Update 3: So weight loss post Kaycee is going nowhere. Like nowhere. And it's kinda depressing me! I've been doing Turbo 3 days a week and lifting weights 3 days a week and I've decided that although I love lifting weights and it does help you lose weight, right now I want to focus on just cardio and get the scale moving and start seeing results and then I'll add in weights in a few months. So today was day 1 of just Turbo. I am going to follow the Turbo schedule exactly as it's outlined - I've NEVER done that before! It's a 90 day schedule, so I'm excited to see where I'm at in 90 days! Turbo makes me happy - plain and simple. So even if the weight doesn't move, the endorphins from Turbo are worth it alone. But, I know the reason I haven't seen any results is because my eating has been awful and eating is 80% of the battle. On days I turbo, I always eat good. ALWAYS. It's days I don't work out or lift that I have a problem, so now I am going to just focus on Turbo and my eating - for 90 days - and see where I'm at then.

I had made a goal to run another half marathon this year. I had been thinking I wanted to do Big Cottonwood in September, but I've decided not to. I hate running, and right now my knees are not ready for me to start running. I need to lose weight first and then I can think about running. So maybe I'll do a half in St George or somewhere warm in November or December, but I don't know. Right now, saying I ran another half isn't as important as me getting my health back under control.

And I feel like I'm at a really good place mentally with my health actually. I had been really mad at myself, especially when I looked at pictures from a year ago and how small I was. It made me mad at myself that I ate SOOOO badly while I was pregnant. Because pregnancy did not do this to me. Kayc weighed less than 7 pounds. She did NOT do this to me. I did it to myself, by eating bad and not exercising. And that's ok. Yes, I am sad with where I am but I can fix it. I am not a tree, I am not stuck where I am. I just have to do something about it. Losing weight after a baby is different than just losing weight, but I know that I can lose it regardless. I know my body can look better, and more importantly it can feel better. Kaycee deserves to have a good example in her life and right now, I am not being that example and that makes me sad. When she starts crawling and walking and running and thinking being chased is the funnest thing ever, I don't want to EVER mentally think "man I wish my child was less active." I know how hard it is to be an overweight, not active kid and I don't want that for her. So if she wants to run, I want to run right next to her. I want to play with her - to help her see that being healthy doesn't have to mean boring exercises you hate. I love turbo - and that's exactly how I am going to show her how to take care of the amazing body Heavenly Father gave her.

I'll make sure to keep ya'll updated on how Turbo is going {I'm pushing play 6 days a week for 12 weeks - that's a big commitment but I can do it!}, my blood count & when I get a new calling!

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  1. I'm sad you won't be in YW anymore now that I'm back in as your replacement! You will definitely be missed by the leaders and the girls!! I'm so glad to hear your platelet count is up and you're doing well with that. As far as the weight loss goes, try not to stress. Give yourself time and you're BEAUTIFUL no matter what!