Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Updates on me {again}

Quick update:

My blood count last week was at 225,000. So it's come down, but not by much. They tapered my medicine back to 20 mg on Thursday. They're being VERY aggressive with the taper this time around - last time I cut back by 10 mg a week, this time it's by 20. So I'll be off the medicine twice as fast. So far, I haven't noticed any side effects from the medicine which I am SOOO grateful for. I have an appointment with the doctor Thursday and they'll do my blood work then. I have a pretty sinking feeling it will have dropped more, and that my doctor won't be happy about it. We'll see what happens!

I got a new calling! I was called on Sunday to be the Assistant Cub Scout Committee Chairman and Award Specialist. Say that 10x fast. I have it written down because I can't remember the full title haha. I will be working with Jamie Peterson and I am SUPER excited about that! She's my neighbor that helped me make Kaycee's baby blanket and she's just super fun and I'm excited about geting to work with her! And I get to keep going to Relief Society. And it's a calling that I can easily do with a new baby! I'm so excited and grateful that I was asked to fulfill a calling that I feel I can do!

Turbo is going awesome. I am so grateful I found my soul mate workout - working out is 10x easier when you absolutely love it and look forward to it every day. It is TOTALLY my "me time" every day and I am so grateful I am able to workout again. One of the big things I'm scared of with my potential splenectomy is how long it'll be before I can do turbo again, but I'm trying not to worry myself too much over it.

Ok I think that's all the updates for now - I'll make sure to post again after my appointment Thursday!

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