Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This past weekend was my first official Mother's Day and it was amazing. Last year, we found out we were pregnant 2 days before Mother's Day. That was SUPER fun, and it made it so much easier for me to get through what could have been a super hard holiday, but it's completely different once the baby is here and I'm "officially" a mom.

Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with Jake's family. His mom took all the daughters-in-law to get facials in Salt Lake and the guys made dinner for us. Getting facials is SOOO relaxing - I absolutely LOVE going to get facials. We had BBQ'd chicken, chips, pasta salad, a veggie tray & 2 different brownie/cookies for dessert. It was SUPER yummy!! We got Jake's mom a little board with a saying about Grandma's & a picture of her 5 grandkids.

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with my family after we got home from church. Jake was super cute all day and kept telling me Happy Mother's Day over and over again. We also got a nap in, which is one of my favorite things about 9 AM church. Before we went to my mom's, we were watching something on Netflix and Kayc zonked out in her swing. Normally, she needs to be in her crib or her pack n play to sleep but she must have been really tired. I love watching her sleep.

We got to my mom's and talked with everyone while Jeannene made an awesome spaghetti dinner, and then my step sister Sarah skyped us from her mission in Washington. She will be home in August - I can't believe how fast it's gone!! It was fun to talk to her, and she finally got to  see Kaycee! We got my mom a board I made to hang her medals on from running half marathons. She got me {but mostly Kayc} a quiet book and it's super cute!

After we left my mom's, we came home and started getting princess ready for bed. And then I realized that we hadn't taken a picture of the 2 of us yet, so Jake took one right after she got out of the bath tub.

After we got Kayc in bed, we went to our room and Max was super snuggly so I had to get a picture with my "first" child on Mother's Day too! Jake decided to join us for that picture :)

Jake got me a new kitchen table a few weeks ago and I love it!! We found it on KSL and it was exactly what I was wanting. Jake touched up the paint and everything for me and then put it all together and brought it in the house the next day.

My first Mother's Day was awesome. I have an entirely new appreciation for all that mom's do, and am excited for many more Mother's Day's {is that right?!} in the future. While I'm excited for the cute notes & little gifts from Kaycee that I'll get in the future, I am grateful for my first Mother's Day this year and how simple it was.

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