Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jeannene Graduates from UVU

Last weekend, my sister Jeannene graduated from UVU with her associates! She's 18 & technically hasn't graduated from high school yet, but she has her associates. AMAZING right?! The graduation was set for 8 AM, and because we didn't have much notice before hand, Jake wasn't able to make it but Kayc & I got up early and were able to go, and I am so glad we did!!

I had been worried Kayc would have a hard time sitting still for that long - I pictured it being just like church but she did great. She fussed for a few minutes at the beginning of the commencement and I just rocked her in the back of the auditorium until she fell asleep and she slept through the whole rest of the ceremony!

This was the first time Poppa {my grandpa} met Kaycee!! He was adorable with her - just touching her little hands & feet and talking to her. It was super cute!

Kisses from Poppa
I love her face haha! 
Getting her diploma
Sleepy girl
Poppa drove in from California for her graduation & Kaycee's blessing - worked out great that they were the same weekend! 
Jeannene & Kayc
Jon & Kaycee
I love his face!
Jeannene & her boyfriend Jon - we like him lots :) 
Another picture of Poppa & Jeannene
All of us outside - it was a GORGEOUS day! 
Our family that was able to come - Brynne & Blake had work, and Popper was super behind in one of her classes and couldn't miss :( 
Outside picture of Roo & Poppa
My mom, Jeannene & Rick 
Kayc did not want to smile!
I love our faces :)
She felt the urge to get in the water, and was surprised how deep & cold it was! 
Rick modeling for us :)
The cute graduate! 
Playing outside while Jeannene was taking pictures with her friends 
I left Kaycee's car seat in the car because I was worried about having to lug stuff everywhere - my arms got quite the workout from carrying her but I think it went so great because she was in my arms! She fell asleep as we finished pictures and slept on me while we walked back to the car. 
My gorgeous sister! 
Way to go, Jeannene!! That's an amazing accomplishment and we are all very proud of you!!

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