Monday, May 5, 2014

Kaycee's Blessing

Yesterday was Miss Kaycee's blessing day. It's been incredibly stressful planning in, finding a date that would work, etc. and I'm embarrassed to admit that there were points that I could not WAIT until the whole thing was over with. Fortunately, I realized that I didn't want to look back and remember that I felt that way the day of her blessing, so I prayed SUPER hard Saturday that I would be able to get everything done that I needed to on Saturday so that Sunday would be easy and we could just focus on the day. Heavenly Father answers prayers - I did not feel stressed AT ALL on Sunday, and we were able to really feel the Spirit and just enjoy Kaycee's day! 

Jake was able to give her the blessing, and I don't know if I'll ever stop smiling at that thought. I am so stinkin proud of my husband and I am so happy he is a worthy priesthood holder. I sure picked a good man - he is amazing. 

In her blessing, Jake blessed her that she would be strong throughout her life, that she would choose good friends and have the ability to know what is right and what is wrong. He also included that he wants her to know how much her family loves her {that's a Jake trademark that gets included in every blessing I've ever heard him give} and then he closed it. It was short and sweet and to the point - a true Jake blessing and it was beautiful. 

One of the things I had been worried about leading up to her blessing was that she would cry during Sacrament Meeting. Church is really hard for her because it's right when she takes her morning nap {her best nap I might add} and she really doesn't like being held after 9:30 - she wants her crib. Well, Sacrament Meeting isn't over at 9:30 and I was super worried she'd be sad but she did great. She was quiet during her blessing, just a little peep at the end and then she fussed for a few minutes during the Sacrament but I was able to get her to sleep on my shoulder in the foyer and she was great the rest of the meeting. I was able to bear my testimony in the meeting and am grateful I took the chance to do so. Brynne & Blake bore their testimonies too. It was a very spiritual awesome meeting. 

Afterwards, we mingled with all the family, friends & ward members for a bit and then headed back to our house for brunch! I think we got pictures of everyone there, minus Jake's cousin Cody & his Aunt Teresa & Uncle Jody. 

Jake, Kaycee & Bishop Eric Wall. He wasn't able to come back for brunch, so we made sure to get a special picture with him  
All the amazing food! We had muffins {5 or 6 kinds}, fruit & dip and I have NO idea how many kinds of cookies with milk, orange juice & lemon water  
My amazing little family 
Me & my gorgeous mini
Jake & his princess
Jake's family
Jake with his brother Clint & dad
My family
4 generations!
Me & Kayc with my cute grandpa
The men who stood in the circle {minus Jake's Uncle Jody}:
my Uncle Bryan, bro-in-law Blake, my step dad Rick, Jake's brother Clint, Jake, Jake's dad Danny, my dad & Jason Cann {our home teacher} 
We had something there to represent each of Kaycee's 4 great grandpa's: My Grandpa Poppa was there {my mom's side}, Jake wore the tie my Grandpa Beebaw wore to our wedding {my dad's side}, Kaycee wore bunny booties that belonged to Grandpa Kay {Jake's mom's side - this is who she was named after} & Jake had a belt buckle from his Grandpa Mac {dad's side}
Close up of the bunny booties Kaycee wore during her blessing. 

Kjell & Paige {Majken was there too!}
One of my best friends Suzie & her hubby Ryan
Jason & Janaca Cann & their youngest Jalynn. They are in our ward - Jason is our home teacher - so while they popped over fast, they left their older 2 boys in Primary.  
Our nephew Hunter & Macy
My Grandpa Poppa! 
Rick & Eric Burton 
Cassie Burton & Tyson Jones. Cassie has been my best friend since we were 3 years old! 
Taylor, Angela, Grandma Robbins & Chase. Chase is Jake's cousin :)  
Jake's cousin Jeremy, his wife Brittney & their youngest Jack. Their other 3 kids were there too, we just somehow missed getting a picture of them 
Blake playing with my cousins Josh & Adam
My Aunt Shauna
My sister Jeannene & her BF Jonny 
My dad & Uncle Bryan
Me & my gorgeous girl 
Suzanne Jones & my mom. Suzanne is Cassie's mom and she and my mom are best friends too - it's so fun having your entire family be best friends!  
Kaysen {cousin}, Christie {aunt}, Dustin {brother}, Jake, Kenna {cousin}, Wendy {Jake's mom}, Keisha {sister-in-law}, Danny {Jake's dad}, Rick {Jake's uncle/cousin} & Madison {cousin}
Cassidy {Jake's cousin} & her BF John
Madi & John
Cassie's 2 oldest boys Asher & Otto playing with Mary & Josh, Cassie's brother & sister 
Gorgeous Mary, Cassie's sister & Suzanne's daughter 
Miss Kayc hanging with Grandpa & Grandma afterwards 
Kaycee's 2nd blessing dress - my Aunt Myrleen made her not 1 but 2 dresses! 
It was truly an amazing day - I am so grateful for the chance I have to be the mom to this beautiful little angel, and for the friends & family we have who came to support Kayc on her big day! 

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  1. That first picture of Kaycee is darling! Seriously, what a cutie. It's always stressful planning those big events but the day turned out so great! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Thanks again for having Jason in the circle and inviting us over, meant a lot!