Monday, May 5, 2014

A Day in the Life

For the most part, I do the exact same thing everyday. Right now, it seems pretty obvious what I do but some day I won't remember what it was like just having 1 child so I figured I'd post a "typical" schedule of what a day over here looks like!

6:00 AM: I wake up for a split second as Jake leaves for work
7:45 AM: I wake up, make the bed, take Max potty & open the blinds in the house
8:00 AM: Make Kaycee a bottle, wake her up, change her diaper & her clothes & feed her
8:25 AM: Kayc & I unload the dishwasher & I make/eat breakfast
8:45 AM: Kayc & I play on her mat, read books, play with a stuffed animal, etc. 
9:30 AM: Swaddle Kayc, turn on her white noise, sing her a few primary songs and put her down for a nap
9:40 AM: I workout {now I'm singing in}
10:45 AM: I eat a snack & shower. If I am going somewhere, I will get ready for the day and if not, I put clean yoga pants & a t shirt on and do my daily laundry {I do 1 load a day} & house chore, like vacuuming or dusting 
11:30 AM: Wake up Kayc, change her diaper & feed her 
12:00 PM: Kayc & I play - sometimes we go outside, or go for a walk, or just play on her mat or read books or whatever
1:00 PM: Kayc goes down for a nap. During this nap, I switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, finish my cleaning project if I didn't already, and then relax or read a book or find some spring cleaning to do, which I have been doing LOTS of lately 
3:00 PM: Wake Kayc up, change her diaper & feed her
3:30 PM: Play with Kayc - sometimes she sits in her swing and watches me fold the load of laundry when it's done, or we do any of the other things I've listed. 
3:45 PM: DADDY'S HOME!! She loves when daddy comes home - he comes in, gives her a big kiss and talks to her about his day and then he has some down time to relax and unwind from the day. 
4:30 PM: Kayc takes a nap. Jake & I talk about his day, watch our YouTube families & I make dinner while she's sleeping. 
6:15 PM: Wake Kayc up, change her diaper & feed her. Then we play together as a family until bath time. 
8:00 PM: Bath time!! She takes a bath every night, but we only wash her hair & use soap every other day. She loves baths!! 
8:20 ish PM: Out of the bath, lotion, jammies & her "dessert" bottle {last bottle of the night}. 
8:45 PM: Daddy comes in, we have family prayer & then Jake swaddles her in her halo sack, we give her kisses, turn on her white noise machine & her oil diffuser, turn out the lights and she goes to sleep. 
9:00 PM: Jake & I watch TV, clean up the kitchen from dinner if one of us hasn't already, put the house to bed {straighten up the living room & shut the blinds} and then we go to our room and unwind until we fall asleep, which lately is around 10:30. 

Like I said, nothing super exciting going on over here but I love that we have such a good routine down with her! She does great with her little schedule and has really got used to eat/wake/sleep {we did Babywise}. She knows when she wakes up that she should be eating soon, and she lets you know if you take too long to get it to her haha. She also knows that when she is done eating, it isn't time to sleep {except at night, because of how long she has been awake she goes right down for bed} and she's ready to play! Having her on a schedule has been super awesome for my sanity too - I love that for the most part I know what to expect each day! 

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