Monday, April 21, 2014

Painting the fence!

Last weekend, we painted our fence! We finished building it a year ago, but never got around to painting it. The HOA has been on us for a while about it, and with the weather being so great we decided to jump on it finally!

We have an AWESOME neighbor named Trevor York who is a painter and he volunteered to not only help us paint, but to let us use his sprayer! It went SOOOO much faster with a sprayer!

Safety first
Popper & Brynne painted the posts along the back fence by hand, so that we didn't spray on the rod iron fence 
Our next door neighbor Paul Barth & Jake fixed a few of the fence slats too - it was a super productive day! 
It took us way less time than we had expected, and it looks great! Yay for having a fenced, painted back yard! We also put up a mini gate that connects the fence to the house with chicken wire on both sides so that Max can't sneak out. There's a few spots where he could sneak under the wood fence, but not anymore! Now, when we take him outside to go potty, he can just run around and not be on a leash. It's been AWESOME!! It's making me really love our back yard - can't wait for our next back yard project: extending our patio with paver stones!

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