Monday, April 14, 2014

It's back!!

2 months ago, I scratched myself in the shower. Really bad. But it didn't phase me too much - I just thought it was a really bad random scratch. Then I noticed a few days later I had a random bruise on my leg and thought to myself I should try to be more careful. As the weeks have passed, I noticed more and more bruises and scratches and I realized I couldn't argue it anymore - my platelet problem might be back.

For those who are new/don't remember, my platelets were dangerously low in 2012 and while the doctors tried to fix it, we were under strict orders to not get pregnant, even though we were ready to try. In December of 2012, the problem had gone away and they said we could try to have a baby but needed to be on the lookout in case it came back. My midwives checked me throughout my pregnancy with Kayc and it never came back. Until now. 

Last week the bruising got ridiculous and I made an appointment with our family doctor for today. I have approximately 15-20 bruises all over my body, all of which have no known cause. I have minor petechia {scratches} on my arm, back of my throat and back of my neck under my hair line. I became pretty dang positive my low platelets {called ITP} was back.

So I fasted yesterday. Not that I'd be cured necessarily, but that the doctors would work well together {since it's my family dr and a hemotologist}. That whatever route they chose to fix it this time would work, that Jake & I would be on the same page as the team of doctors. {Last time we thought I needed to have my spleen removed, but the medicine "fixed" it. We'd been planning to just have surgery, not try the medicine} 

I fasted for nearly 24 hours. I've never done that before. I suck at fasting to be totally honest. But yesterday was different. I've never had a testimony building experience with fasting, but I think I have one now. 

At my appointment, I was expecting he'd draw my blood and call me tomorrow or Wednesday. But because of my history and symptoms, he decided to have me go to the hospital and have my blood work done there to be faster. He said he'd call tonight or early tomorrow with the results. We went to AF, had it done and called to get an appointment with my hemotologist. They are getting me in to see him in 2 days. He's a specialist - that's unheard of. 

And I got my blood work results back. 

The average person should have 150,000 to 450,000 platelets. 

In 2012, the lowest I got was 29,000 and they were very worried. 

Today, I only have 11,000. 

Well that sure explains my symptoms!! {I've also had a lot of fatigue - I've slept through some massive weather storms lately and not heard lots of things at night while sleeping}

Dr Scoville, my family doctor, put me back on the medication I was on before, prednisone. It's a temporary medicine though, so I can't take it long term. Not quite sure what to expect Wednesday with Dr Wallentine. He'll probably want to do a bone marrow biopsy - he wanted to last time but my count came up so we didn't do it. Maybe try a new medicine? Maybe do a splenectomy? Not quite sure. 

And I'm scared, for sure. That's like dangerously low. But I feel really... peaceful. I know I'm ok. 

And I just feel grateful. My body fixed itself long enough to get Kaycee here to earth. My pregnancy with her was great and my platelets stayed high enough I could get an epidural {if they're low you can't have one}. I stay home, so having fatigue isn't so bad when I can nap. I have an AMAZING sleeper for a baby, so I'm getting more rest than most new moms. She's also a happy, "easy" baby and it makes it easier to know what up expect, which helps on days I'm tired. 

I know I'll get through this. I knew before I would get through it. I had just anticipated having surgery and recovering before I had a baby. I am so incredibly grateful that isn't what happened. Even though surgery & recovery {if needed} with my little miss will be hard, I'd rather recover knowing Heavenly Father already blessed me with her than waiting for her to come to earth. 

And we've nearly met our out of pocket max for insurance this year, so I think that means this will all be free. Need to call my insurance tomorrow to confirm, but if so this is a HUGE blessing that surgery is happening now and not in 2012 or even next year. It's happening when we've already met the deductible & out of pocket maximum. Amazing blessing right there. 

I'm sure I'll be posting again in a few days after my appointment with Dr Wallentine, but for now just know my ITP is back and that's ok. It'll all be ok. 

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  1. Scary Ashley! I haven't even heard of this before. Good luck today and you'll have to let me know what the specialist says! I'll be thinking about you. You're such a strong woman and a great example! Love ya!