Sunday, June 7, 2015

Celebrating Brynne!

The last week of May we had the chance to celebrate my sister Brynne! On May 26, the day after Memorial Day it was her birthday. My sisters and I all surprised her by coming down during school and saying hi to her kids and bringing her little gifts. Her husband Blake also made a sign that spelled out her name using crayons from her classroom and had all of her kids sign the frame. It was her first year teaching and she absolutely loved it!

Kaycee loved looking out the window of the classroom with Aunt Jeannene!

She kept pointing out the window and saying "PUPPY!" every time she saw any little kids. She thinks everything is a puppy right now! 

Being a big kid at Kindergarten. 
Two days later we were able to come back for kindergarten graduation! It was so cute, the kids did such a great job with their program. Brynne is a wonderful teacher and I am so happy that she is such a wonderful influence on so many little lives! She's planning on starting a preschool and I can't wait to have her teach some of my littles ones!

Kindergarten graduation with Mrs. Wise!
I'm so grateful for Brynne and for the relationship she and I have. I'm also so grateful that she loves Kaycee so much and that they have such a fun relationship!

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