Monday, March 12, 2012

The last few weeks

Like I have mentioned before, I don't feel like I have had anything too exciting going on that justified it's own blog post. This is our family journal and I want to remember what we have going on, but nothing exciting has happened {with the exception of my temple trip 2 weeks ago to Draper Temple & Salt Lake Temple - post coming soon!}. Here is a lump sum of updates!

I am doing Turbo Fire! It is the awesomest hardest workout I have ever done. It's created by Chalene Johnson, who also created Turbo Jam. I have been doing Turbo Jam off and on for 4 years {mostly off} and decided the workouts were getting a little old and I wanted something more dancey and that will push me harder - Turbo Fire fits that criteria to say the least!!! Brynne turned me on to it and oh I am so grateful. I am starting week 2 of 12 weeks and it is hard. Oh my gosh. But I have lost 2 pounds already and it's awesome music and each workout averages 45 minutes. Not too time consuming and I can stay home and work out rather than having to drive to a gym. I love working out with DVD's - call me lame but I am NOT a fan of going to the gym. To date, I have lost 56 pounds since I started losing weight {summer 2010} and I have lost 18 pounds this year. Lots more to go, but I can totally do this. It's getting to the point that eating healthy isn't hard. Or as hard anyway. Working out is a habit I haven't had until now and I am so proud of myself for how well I am doing. It is looking like I should be getting my new IKEA dresser soon - Jake keeps losing weight too so I haven't caught up to him but I am close!

We are selling our Jeep Liberty. I have wanted to sell it in the back of my mind for a while and talked to Jake about it and he was all for it. We listed it on KSL last week and have someone super interested in it so hopefully it sells and we can buy our next vehicle - a truck! Jake is a truck man - I am sure you knew that already. We want a truck for pulling our someday toys, like 4 wheelers and such, but we want to pay cash for it so it has made looking for a truck tricky. No rush though, we aren't buying one until we sell the Jeep so we got time!

Pinterest has taken over our kitchen. When I first found Pinterest, I went crazy crafting but now I am loving the recipes. I have found so many recipes that can be tweaked so that I can eat them and track my points but taste good so that Jake doesn't feel like he is eating cardboard! I made a goal to make/write my own cookbook by my 25th birthday and I have SO many recipes already that I will be putting in it. I just need to start typing them on on the desktop, and I never get on that computer since the laptop is way more convenient. I am not wanting to get the cookbook published or anything, just compile a BIG book of recipes that are healthy, are easy to cook and Jake likes to eat! That way, if I have a day that I am thinking "why don't we order a pizza since I have no idea what to make?" I can whip out my book and find something quick and easy and healthier than pizza AND will help us save money by not eating out so much!! YAY for accomplishing lots of goals at once!

Daylight savings just started or ended or whatever and the weather has been SO amazing. Max and I are loving going on our walks through the Ranches, usually around 3 miles, and in the process of going around the neighborhood on foot, I have got SO many ideas on things I want to do for the front yard this spring! I really want to plant a tree - no idea what kind, but I know I want a tree in the front yard. I had always thought we would focus more on the back yard but I want to have a nice pretty simple front yard and a simple back yard that I won't be upset with dogs and kids getting into. But the front yard will have flowers and such. Ya I am rambling. But I am so excited for spring! I have never been a summer person. Ever. EVER. But I am so excited for it this year! Warm weather and camping up Provo Canyon and sand dunes with our 4 wheeler I hope to buy soon and BBQ's and fresh fruit and ahhh can't wait for summer!!

I am still planning to participate in a 5K this spring/summer. I realized a few weeks ago how much I loathe running. Like totally hate. So I started walking instead, so that I am still outside enjoying fresh air and can get Max out of the house and then I do Turbo Fire for my intense workout - I love Turbo Fire. You already know that. Anyway, back to 5K. I want to walk a 5K, just to say that I did it. The other reason I really want to do one is in memory of my Grandpa {aka Beebaw} because of a YouTube video I saw about how life is like a marathon. The video talks about how we have people "running" through life with us, cheering us on, and that some people are closer to "finishing" their race than others. Like me Beebaw - he finished his "race" and I am still running mine. But I loved having him in my "race" and can't wait to do my 5K in his memory!

This Thursday I am going to do an endowment session at Jordan River Temple. After that, the only temple I will have 1 Salt Lake County Temple left - Bountiful! But I want to do every temple in Utah, so I have a few more to go. Between now and the end of the year, I WILL get an endowment session done in every Utah temple.

I think that about sums up new stuff with us. Still hoping to fence the back yard soon, along with the rest of the awesome yard improvements we want to make. As soon as the fence is done, we will be adding a new member to our family - one with 4 legs and a furry tail!

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