Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafty Me...

I just realized I haven't posted pictures of some of the crafts I have recently done so here is a collection of pictures!!

"LOVE" letters from Crafty Wood Cutouts for Valentines Day
The "LOVE" letters on the ledge in the living room
I can't take credit for these - my amazingly crafted mother made this for me for my birthday! I still wanted to show them off though!
Ok quick story - there is a wreath I saw at Tai Pan a year or so ago that is SO cute but oh my it was like $50. It was a normal, round wreath with tons and tons of gerber daisies on it. Not going to pay $50 for that though! So I was at the dollar store last week getting stuff for organizing the closets when I wandered into their artificial flower area and saw TONS of gerber daisies so I decided to try to make the Tai Pan wreath!

I took a gigantic box we have in the basement and cut it into a wreath shape - made a huge mess haha
I pulled the flowers off of the stems, used a small screwdriver to push holes in the cardboard and then pushed the base of the flowers into the holes!
I love how it turned out - and it was only $5 for the flowers!! WOOT!
On the ledge opposite of the "holiday" ledge, there is another ledge that is much longer, with a wall {obviously}. The ceiling comes to a "V" at one point, but the center of the wall is at another point, so it makes the ledge items and the shelf look not centered {see picture} - even though the ledge stuff is centered with the ceiling and the shelf is centered on the wall. It has been driving me crazy so I decided to take it down and start from scratch. 

I got a gift certificate to Crafty Wood Cutouts from my mom for my birthday and they have this amazingly adorable wood set that says "Families are Forever" that I love. The gift certificate my mom gave me is the exact amount of that item, because I have talked about it for so long. I wasn't sure where to put it but since I was re doing that wall I decided to get it! And even better, I had a 40% off coupon so I still have some of my gift certificate left!! 

Paper and embellishments for project - Hobby Lobby. $3.27. I love when stuff is on sale!
The finished product! It is as long as our kitchen table, which is like 3 or 4 feet - it is GIGANTIC!
Up on the ledge, with our Willow Tree figurines on the sides of it. I LOVE IT!
Yay for being crafty and for all the awesome crafty ideas I have thanks to Pinterest! I will make sure to post pictures next time I do a craft!

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