Thursday, February 2, 2012

If the house caught on fire...

I have become slightly obsessed with a few different appliance-ish things in my life. However, if the house were to catch on fire, these appliances wouldn't be the first things I would go for. I'd grab scrapbooks, make sure Jake was awake {not under the influence of his sleeping pill} and out of the house, save Max, get our emergency kits that aren't as prepped as I would like them to be, etc. And as soon as we are back on our feet and in a house again, I would replace the following 5 appliances:

1. My Chi Straightener. I am on my second straightener in 8 years and I love the dumb thing. The only reason I had to buy another one is because my furry child chewed up the cord 2 years ago. I HIGHLY recommend this straightener - it's pricey but it's worth it and it lasts!

2. My Shark Steam Mop. The BEST cleaning weapon I have ever used. I got it for Christmas two years ago from my in laws and it is one of the best presents I have ever received. It cleans everything - tile, wood, linoleum and it doesn't use ANY cleaning chemicals - just water and steam! Natural, environment, pet & kid friendly! AWESOME mop!

3. My Crock Pot! It has a timer on it, so it will turn itself off when it is finished cooking, but stay on the "warm" setting until we eat! I absolutely love this crock pot - it is wonderful. I LOVE using our crock pot and I am so excited to find more crock pot recipes on Pinterest - I officially joined Pinterest today!! 

4. My Oster Osterizer Blender! Oh words can't express how awesome this blender has been. Granted, I have only had it for 2 weeks but I love it! I killed our previous blender last month and Jake got me this one for my birthday! I love making smoothies in the morning with frozen fruit, fresh fruit, orange juice and usually a handful of spinach. I am thinking of going to a health food store and buying some "shots" like you can get at Jamba Juice - like immunity, energizer, etc. 

5. And last but certainly not least - my Apple iPhone 4. I would like to think that if the house caught on fire, I would be so worried about irreplaceable things that I leave my phone in the burning blaze, but I would probably end up grabbing it. Either way, this is something that helps me keep my not so organized life a little more organized. LOVE my phone!! Anyone who doesn't have an iPhone should get one, in my opinion!!

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