Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just keep going

Last week wasn't my best week. Work was great, home life was great - working on fitness and eating habits not so great. The weird part is I worked out 4 times. Usually I am so proud of myself for working out 3x so this was epic. I did Turbo Jam twice and went for a 2 mile walk/jog with Max twice. I am still doing weight watchers, but I was "rewarding" myself with food on days I worked out. I still was tracking what I ate, and I stayed within my point limits, but I was eating a lot more sweets and snacks and used a lot of my weekly points. I found this on pinterest and it totally needed to be tattooed to my forehead last week:

I shouldn't "undo" my hard work with sugar!! Dope!! But because I was staying within my points I didn't think much of it throughout the week. Sunday came and to say I went nuts at dinner is an understatement. It's way better than I would have ate before {that thought slightly depresses me haha} but I went WAY over on points and knew it and still ate 2 of the giant Smith's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. I ate every single point I could have, both for the day and using my weekly points and had no fruits or veggies all day long. And then I was frustrated Monday morning when I saw I hadn't lost any weight last week. DUH!!!!

I ended up not working out yesterday out of exasperation but still watched my points. We went to the movies and I brought my own snacks - almonds, a cheese stick and baby carrots instead of eating a large bucket of buttery salty amazingness popcorn by myself. I did still have some popcorn - about 3 cups worth and felt like I'd had a treat and wasn't depriving myself without making myself sick.

When we got home from the movie, I got on pinterest and found this AMAZING quote - it was EXACTY what I needed to hear/see!!

I have such a tendency to quit after a bad eating day. Or to feel like because I haven't lost a pant size in a week that I should quit. And this helped me realize I'm not the only one who has those days! Everybody slips up and eats bad. At times, people set higher expectations for themselves than what it realistic and quit. Just keep going. Everyone has days they don't want to work out and they don't. Keep going. AHHHH I love this quote!!

Since finding this quote, I have a renewed sense of motivation. Even though it's 11 PM, I just finished my workout. I did Turbo Jam for 45 minutes. I was tired {being that it's late and that Turbo just kicks your butt} and I kept going. I took a weird step and twisted my ankle a smidge but I kept going. I didn't do the 20 minute Turbo - I did the 45 minute Turbo. And I am so proud of myself, which is why I am blogging about this slightly personal stuff!

So note to self - if I slip up and eat bad for a day, it's ok. Don't quit - keep going. If I don't want to workout one day, it isn't the end of the world but the next day it's time to get back to it. Exercise is the toothpaste for my body. My teeth need to be brushed everyday - my body needs exercise everyday. That doesn't mean I have I run a marathon. It could be a walk around the block or doing crunches while watching tv. Mistakes are ok. Just keep going.

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