Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates on Us

I feel like I have had nothing to eventful to blog about, but here is a combination of random stuff that is happening with the McClellan's!

Jake & I watched Real Steel yesterday. Best. Movie. EVER. I can't tell you how much I loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it - such an awesome movie!! And it made me like Turbo Jam that much more, since I can "pretend" I'm boxing haha.

I have got my creative crafty juices flowing thanks to pinterest. And it's taking over my life. I have SO much things I want to do for the house - wreaths, paint walls, replace furniture, etc. And organization ideas. Oh the organizing I want to do! I am going to do a little at a time, mostly things in the bathroom right now - like putting bobby pins and elastics in their own prescription pill bottle with a cute label on it - SUCH a good idea! And storing all of those in a painted quaker oats cardboard can, with brushes and combs inside and headbands around the outside of it! My hair stuff drawer is such a mess, and no matter how many times I clean it, the unorganized mess comes back! So yay for pinterest giving me ideas!

I am currently replacing the decor on one of our walls in the living room - pictures to come soon as soon as I am finished!

I am still doing awesome with eating healthy and have been working out a few days a week also. Turbo Jam is the best. I love it. It makes exercise not suck. It definitely isn't as fun as sleeping or shopping or whatever but it's way funner than running on a treadmill! I feel a lot better, and I have lost 12 pounds since I started January 1. My highest weight I have been {no, I won't say what it is} was in July 2010 and I am down 50 pounds from that number! And the more time that passes, the more I am losing and the better I feel and the looser my clothes are getting. And I lost weight during my birthday, and during the Superbowl! Not as epic as losing weight over Christmas but still I am proud of myself! AND THE BEST PART about this is that I am only 7 lbs away from weighing the same amount as Jake!

As long as we have been together, Jake has weighed less than me. And it has always bugged me. And I didn't decide to do anything about it until this year. 7 lbs away from weighing the same as him, assuming he doesn't lose any weight haha. We decided today that my "reward" for weighing less than him is a new dresser from IKEA - I have wanted one for SO long and it is making me want to work out that much more. I almost didn't work out today and then I thought of my dresser and how close I am to getting it and I worked out! So we will need to think of a super awesome prize for when I reach my next goal, but for right now I am just focusing on how close I am to reaching my goal and the awesome dresser I am going to get!

I started my new schedule at work. OH I LOVE IT! Having last Saturday off was AMAZING. We organized our closet. Like top to bottom. Gave away clothes to DI, threw out all of the wire hangers, went through my shoes and it looks so much better! I can see my clothes so much better now! And working Monday Wednesday Friday is just great. I love it so much. I am SO lucky that I only need to work part time. Jake just rocks.

Ok that's all I got for ya - like I said, I will post pictures of the decor changes as soon as I am done!!

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