Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The big 24

I just had my 24th birthday and it was so awesome! The day before {the 29th} we had a family birthday party at my mom & Rick's house. Brynne, Blake, Jeannene, Jackson {Jeannene's boyfriend}, Popper & my dad were able to come too! We had teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies and sushi. Oh I am obsessed with sushi these days. SO yummy. And it's still pretty good for you too! 

After we were finished with our amazing dinner, we got to open my presents. Jake & I missed Blake's birthday so we gave him his present first!

Laughing at the card - we told him we loved him even though he is a Lebron James fan
We got him a puzzle of one of their wedding pictures - they are both very into puzzles!
Then it was my turn to open presents!! I got SO spoiled!!

My face when I opened my Crafty Wood Cutouts Gift Certificate from mom!!
LOVE Crafty Wood Cutouts! 
Hunger Games from mom & Rick - in paperback! SUCH a good book!! 
A marriage book from mom & Rick - I love reading ways to make our marriage better. And it's paperback - my favorite haha
A curling wand from mom & Rick
King Vit-a-vum from Jeannene!! It's really King Vitamin, but I called it King Vit-a-vum when I was little. It's my FAVORITE cereal!
A clock that says "It's time to say I love you" from Richard G. Scott's talk in the April 2010 General Conference - from mom & Rick 
Push!! It's written by the fabulous creator of Turbo Jam - from Brynne & Blake
After presents, we stayed and talked for a while and then Jake & I came home and watched the X Games. Until 3 AM. And I needed to work the next morning haha. But I didn't need to be to work until noon so I was able to sleep in! I got up, got ready for work, make my breakfast smoothie in my new blender Jake got me and went to work to see this:
My decorated desk! Complete with cards, stickers, a happy birthday banner, bubble bath & a symphony bar of chocolate!! I love the people I work with! 
Work was really good that day, and it went by quick {thank heavens}. When I got off work, I stopped at Cafe Rio and got takeout! I love Cafe Rio. So much. It is an addiction. And no I am not seeking help to cure this addiction. We ate our food and then I took a nice hot, long bubble bath with my new bubble bath I got from Kathie, one of my managers and started to read Push, one of my new books! Afterwards, we watched a little bit of TV and then went to bed. In case you didn't know, I am pretty into low key nights and enjoy just taking it easy at home.   

Jake let me buy my own presents and I gave them to myself early haha - I got a few cardigans, 3 pairs of shoes and a new purse from Payless ShoeSource - here are the some generic pictures from their site of what I got!! 

My new purse!!
1st pair!
2nd pair!
3rd pair!
Isn't he so awesome?? I did tell him that I wanted him to get me a cute birthday card and he took that one step further - got me a perfect birthday card, a birthday card from Max, and a beautiful flower! He is the best husband ever!! 

The flower with the birthday cards leaned against it - one for wife {from Jake} and for mom {from Max}
Goofing off before dinner on my birthday
Luckiest girl ever - I love my man!!
Danny & Wendy bought us dinner at Chili's and got me a pedicure at Nails Plus in Pleasant Grove - my favorite place to go for pedicures. Wendy, Macy & I had a girls date to get our toes done together!

I didn't get pink nail polish! That is a first for me - I ALWAYS get pink nail polish haha!!
It was an awesome birthday. Pretty sure it was the best birthday yet. Really. If turning 24 was this awesome, how awesome is 25 going to be??

Oh, and the birthday present I got for myself? I lost 10 pounds in January. Still doing Weight Watchers - still kicking butt. Go me! 

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  1. Glad you had a good birthday! And way to go out on a limb with the nail polish. I ALWAYS do pink nail polish too and am secretly afraid to try anything else!