Thursday, November 15, 2012

October Results

October rocked. I finished my first half marathon. I kicked butt on my eating. I kept my workouts up. And I am now 6 pounds from goal. Yep you read that right. Single digits. But I am still 2 pant sizes from goal so, as a result, I have changed my goal. It was 160 - now it's 145. When I have hit my goal of 145, it means I will have lost over half my body weight! I have had people ask if I have lost half my body weight and the answer is no, for now. It's coming though!
ChaLean Extreme is great. I finished Push phase {the second month} and it was FREAKING hard in the best way imaginable. I loved it and cannot WAIT until I am back in that phase again. This month is the Lean phase and I like it but it requires a lot more balance because it is upper body & lower body at the same time. I really wish I could use weights though - I am still using resistance bands because the weights I bought from Wal Mart came broken. The sides are plastic and they had to be shipped and apparently they handled it roughly and yeah I just decided not to order them again because I figured it would just happen again. I found them at Wal Mart in story the other day, but I am waiting until a little closer to Christmas and then I will get them. So that is coming!! Yay!!

Turbo is still as awesome as ever. I just registered to become certified to be a Turbo Kick instructor!! The training is December 15 and I am really excited and looking forward to it! I am hoping to find a job as an instructor very soon after, preferably somewhere small around home. Ten to one, I will teach at night and that worries me a little since I work until 6 and need to make dinner and have Presidency Meeting for Relief Society on Tuesday nights and activities for Relief Society once a month on Wednesdays so that leaves Thursdays which totally works but I hate going into it telling my potential boss that I have one night a week open. I will cross that bridge when I get to it though!

After a HIIT workout. Because there are breaks of 60 ish seconds in a HIIT, I don't get as sweaty but I am pushing myself to try to get sweatier! 
Bought my first pair of skinny jeans!! I got them at Wal Mart - heck yes for being cheap haha!
My fitit exploded at the beginning of the month, so I went most of the month without it. Fitbit replaced it though, so all is well! It just didn't come before the half marathon!
Trying out a scarf - I have REALLY been trying to work out my clothes and wear more trendy things
Wearing heels everyday now - I feel very tall haha
New skirt I bought during the month - I seriously don't think I have EVER bought clothes like this. I am always buying new clothes!
Another new skirt - this was the day after my half and I was really proud of myself that I could walk, let alone in heels (although they are shorter heels)
The only piece of Halloween candy I had!
Progress shot!!
The month of October was awesome and I am really excited about how November is going. I started Shakeology and I have noticed some AMAZING changes already in my energy, my cravings & it tastes AMAZING so it isn't torture!! I found this on Instagram and it totally fits my goals for the month, so I had to share it! It is currently my wall paper on my phone :)

It amazes me how different things are from where they were last year. I did awesome on how I ate on Halloween - I had broccoli & salmon for dinner with that almond joy. Instead of pizza. I am so proud of myself for that!! And I have made plans to work out FIRST thing on Thanksgiving morning and eat better than years past, and then right back to the work out routine the next morning. Things are so different than where they were last year and I am SO FREAKING proud of me for that!

Last night I lost it though. I had a really stressful day and I came home and ate everything in sight. In horrible portion amounts. Ice cream, brownies, crackers, chips - all in like a 30 minute time frame. That emotional binge eating is NOT something I am proud of from the old days and having it come back, however short, was an amazingly awesome reminder of why I am making these changes and why I started on this journey - because I do NOT like the way I feel after I handle stress that way. I went to bed and woke up this morning and absolutely KILLED my workout, because I had all that frustration built up and it was AMAZING how hard I worked as a result this morning. So even though I regret my binge, I am grateful that I have made enough changes that going back to the old me feels REALLY different. That means this is now a LIFESTYLE and that I will NOT regain all the weight. Because trust me, I have nightmares where it all comes back. But that's all they are - nightmares. Because that won't happen. I love to work out too much. I like the healthy alternatives I have found. And I like how my body feels when I treat it right. Yay for the new me sticking around long term!!  

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