Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Last week was Thanksgiving - where has time gone?! Thanksgiving was the earliest day it could have been - the 22 & it just did NOT feel like it could possibly be time for Thanksgiving already! Jake, as usual, had a 4 day weekend off of work so I asked for the Friday & Saturday off so we got to spend the 4 days together. To say it was much needed time together would be a GROSS understatement. It was WONDERFUL getting that much time together!!

Thursday morning started bright & early! I knew that I didn't want to deprive myself eating wise, but I didn't want to go over board and be sick either. And I knew I wanted to get a work out in to help me reign it in a little bit. So I recruited my mom, Jeannene & Lauryl to do Turbo Fire with me! Usually I lift on Thursdays though, and I didn't want to miss it, so I woke up and did Lean Circuit 2 of ChaLean Extreme and then I went to my mom's to get our sweat on. We did Fire 45, one of my favorites that I haven't done for a while.

I cannot BELIEVE how sweaty I got - SO proud of myself!
After our workout, I came back to my house to shower & get Jake & my dad before heading over to my parents for breakfast & Thanksgiving Lunch! I always have protein right after a workout, and read in a LOT of places on Beachbody & through amazing Beachbody coaches how important it was to still get in my Shakeology to be sure that I curb cravings and get some awesome nutrients in me, so I had my Shakeology before I got in the shower!

I'm obsessed with Shakeology - for reals. LOVE it!
After I got all showered, we headed over to my parents house. My mom made turkey bacon and regular bacon for those who wanted it while I made egg sandwiches for everyone. It's Jake's recipe & I have been in love with them ever since he made one for me 4 years ago. SO yummy, and with egg whites it's very low calorie! Started out my Thanksgiving REALLY healthy!

Pepper Jack cheese on top... MMMMMM!

Messing around in the bathroom :)
We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade & flipped through all the ads in the paper for Black Friday sales, then played Scattergories as a family. SO much fun - I forgot how much I like that game!! After we got through 6 rounds {I won - BAM!} we all went to the kitchen to make the side dishes. It took 30 minutes, tops. Record timing. That's what happens when you have 4 girls in the kitchen I guess haha. We sat down to eat & I dished up my plate - the way that I read on my blog friend's Instagram - make continents. Seperate piles of food. So I did! I read on Beachbody that half your plate should be a salad, so I did that too with a salad I brought. That salad was so good BTW - almonds, craisins, sunflower seeds & spring mix lettuce with vinagrette dressing. MMMMM!

One of our family traditions is to go around the table and say what we are grateful for. We set a rule of 3 things. Jake's were his wife, his family & his job. Mine were my family {Jake specifically, my sisters and the relationship I have with Brynne, my parents and that they get along and can have Thanksgiving dinner together despite being divorced for 11 years}, the gospel {that I have been endowed and can wear garments & that Jake is so close to getting to go through so that we can be sealed} and for Turbo. So technically it was 3 things haha.

After dinner, we needed to rush to Jake's parents house. Not before a few pictures though!!

My sisters {Jeannene has her arm out to hold a spot for Brynne who was in New Port with Blake's family} & me with my mom & step dad
Us girls with my dad
Just the girls
3 of the 4 sisters!

My amazing little family!

Pup didn't want to cooperate for pictures - hope he does better for family pictures this weekend!

2 year difference - crazy huh??
 We were running about an hour behind schedule and we held up dinner at their house, but they were super nice and didn't mention our tardiness at all! We got there and they pulled all the food out of the fridge and we sat down to eat. So 45 minutes after we had eaten 1 Thanksgiving dinner, we had our 2nd. And I lost all willpower haha. Jake's mom makes this AMAZING pistachio marshmellow salad. I hate marshmellows but oh that "salad" is to die for. I had way too many servings. And we brought some pretty good rolls from Kneaders that I ate a few too many of. Yeah it was bad but oh that food tasted good! After eating we sat down to let it digest and flipped through pictures. That was SO fun - I love looking at pictures period, but getting to see so many pictures of Jake growing up and seeing family vacations and everything was just so fun. It made me feel like if I focused enough, I could remember what happened on those trips too. Then we went to the movies to go see Lincoln. Really good movie. Really long movie. But really good movie!

Then we went back to mom & dad McClellan's and had some pie. And yep I still had no willpower. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream sounded amazing to me and I am NOT an apple fan. And who can pass up pumpin pie?? Like I said, it was bad. But oh it tasted good! And the old me would have eaten way worse. And it's one day a year. Don't judge. After we finished our pie we headed back to our house to let Max out and then get some sleep - I was exhausted and fell asleep for about 5 minutes during the movie haha. Which means I did not end up going Black Friday shopping. 2 years in a row I missed out because I was tired. I must be getting OLD haha!

The next day we slept in and then decided to go check out the new Outlets in Lehi at Traverse Mountain. And we bought stuff haha. I had thought we wouldn't spend much but nope I was wrong. After we left there, we went to Scheel's in Sandy and looked around. The last time we went was right before closing so we didn't get to look around the entire store. We still didn't get to look around the whole store and we were there for probably 2 hours - this store is GIGANTIC! We found the duck hunting stuff and spent a little while looking at that stuff though - Jake wants to start doing it and I am SO excited! I love that he is going to have a hobby!! Outdoorsy too, makes him my rugged redneck ;) After Scheels, we went to Applebee's just the two of us and got some dinner. It was SO nice getting to spend the day just the two of us!

Our loot from the day after Thanksgiving shopping - a shirt & basketball shorts for Jake from Under Armour, 2 shirts at Maurices for me, a duck call for Jake & 2 pairs of sweats for me from Scheels, a pair of Nikes for Jake at the Nike store {we got to use Liz's discount - THANKS LIZ!} & an iPad cover from Wilson's leather. Yeah we went a bit crazy haha!
Saturday we watched a few football games and decided to go shopping again. We started at Cabela's and got Jake some more stuff for Duck Hunting and then went to Old Navy to look for some boots. I noticed they were having a sale on jeans so I decided to try on the size 10's and see how they fit. And I was stunned. THEY WERE HUGE. HUGE! I came out of the dressing room and apparently had a weird look on my face because Jake kept asking what was wrong. I was CONVINCED something was wrong with the label. So I grabbed another pair of 10's and an 8 and went back to the dressing room. The other 10's weren't as big, but they were a bit big. So I tried on the 8's and guess what. They fit. THEY FIT!! They are a bit snug, but I AM A SIZE 8!! SINGLE DIGITS!! Can you tell that makes me SO excited haha? That was one of my Crazy Cool goals too! I want them to fit a little better, but they do fit. WOOT!!!
The picture I put on Instagram to commemorate the day!
After Old Navy we went to get some crafts at Crafty Wood Cutouts in Orem and then got some lunch at Costa Vida. We came home & I did my crafts while Jake watched his YouTube videos that he subscribes too & then we decorated for Christmas - the crafts I bought were Christmas crafts and I wanted to get them finished before we did all the decorating. I will post pictures soon of the house all decorated!

It was a long day and we went to bed fairly early. I came in the bedroom after turning off the tree to this - could my life be any better?

Having these 2 boys in my life is just amazing. I love my little family!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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