Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beginning of the Christmas Season...

It's that marvelous time of year again! And yet it doesn't feel like it AT ALL. Maybe that's because I have only had hot chocolate twice this whole fall/winter. Hardly any sweets. And we have NO SNOW! I know people don't like snow. I'm not a huge fan, unless it's December. Then YES I want snow and LOTS of it. I am about to the point I want to pray for a blizzard. Or maybe it's from working full time and how busy that makes me. Or our callings. Or all of the above. Either way, I feel like my life is a whirl wind right now and oh my gosh Christmas is in less than 3 weeks and I am SO not prepared!

I have decorated though! And as of today, I am about 2/3 of the way done with my Christmas shopping. Slowly starting to try to get more into the Christmas spirit. I need to find a way to take some time & enjoy the season, rather than letting it rush by.

Anyway, enough whining {Can you tell I am not feeling as chipper as usual??}. Here are some pictures of our house all decorated for Christmas!

New craft I did this year - got it at Craft Wood Cutouts the day after Thanksgiving! LOVE how it turned out!!
Our wreath. Want to replace it but haven't found anything I want to make yet!
Our tree with our new "topper" - got it at the dollar store!! Bam!!
The ledge! The "Joy" is also new this year, got it at the same time of Crafty Wood Cutouts. LOVE how it turned out as well!
Stockings hung above the fireplace with our countdown, nativity scene & the amazing wreath Cassie made for me last year.
Plan is to get presents wrapped and under the tree this weekend! That should help me feel more like it's time for Christmas, and get something off of my To Do list so I can have one less thing to stress about. Gotta love stress and how abundant it is this time of year!!  

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