Thursday, December 27, 2012


So I have this "instafriend" named Zach Bohannon. He's pretty much awesome - seriously. He's lost over 100 pounds, the healthy way and is SO motivating & posts such awesome stuff on Instagram. He & his wife are losing weight together. Seriously, love these two. Check out their blog by going here. So he posted about me on Instagram {I talked about this in this post} and Dana from found me through his Instragram post and asked if she could do an interview with me for their website. UM YES!!!

Not gonna lie, when I read the email I thought it was spam for a second until I read Zach's story, since I know that's true!
We did the interview on Tuesday December 11 while I was on my lunch break. I called her, and she asked me questions about my journey, what foods I eat, about my before, stuff like that. It was awesome that somoene wanted to hear those things, but it was SUPER awesome for me to realize how many aspects of my life have changed. I really am a different person now. That's so crazy for me to think about! And saying out loud how things have changed was very therapeutic for me.

After my interview - I was freaking out!
Seriously, SO excited!
It took around 2 weeks before I got published. Dana emailed me on Facebook to tell me that she would be publishing it on December 19 but I didn't see the email until after I got on and saw my face!!

Took this screenshot a few days later, but you get the idea. THAT'S ME ON A WEBSITE!!!
I took a screenshot of it and posted to Instagram and Facebook. And the encouragement I got back was overwhelming...
Zach posted it on Instragram!!
The caption part of Zach's post. Seriously, SO flattered!!
My mom posted it to Facebook!
As did Jake... I LOVE when Jake posts stuff or talks about how proud he is of me. Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy :)
Brynne posted it on Facebook too! This made me cry - hearing her say how proud she is of me is AMAZING. Second only to Jake, she's my favorite person to hear it from :)  
Nicole Duclos Turner, who danced with Brynne on Drill, wrote me this email on Facebook. Seriously made my day!! People keep telling me how much I motivate them, but the emails I get from them is what motivates me! Circle of life baby!

Seriously, I am so overwhelmed and flattered by all of the support and positive reinforcements I have got from people. It is still kinda sinking in that I really did lose 125. The article says 135, but I am at 125 right now. BUT STILL. I really did those things! I did something epic enough that someone wanted to write an article about me. That is an AMAZINGLY awesome feeling. And I REALLY hope I don't sound vain or conceited. I am seriously in shock. This is SO cool. I feel like I'm in an awesome dream, except this is my real life now!!

That's me!!!
I printed out a copy of the article to save. I want to frame it haha but I don't want to hang it in my house - that's REALLY vain. Maybe I will print another one and put it downstairs in my workout room. Either way, my first {hopefully of many} article about my success has been published!!

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