Saturday, December 22, 2012

Becoming Certified

Well, I did it. After 6 months of falling head over heels in love with all things Turbo, I have become a Turbo Kick Instructor. Last Saturday {December 15} the Uh-MAZING Shukria Stewart certified me and 13 other people to go out and bring Turbo to the world. Ok just to Utah. But still. It was epic.

The day before the certification, I was talking to Brynne {who is also a certified instructor} about how I was going to be REALLY tired for the 8 hour certification the next day. We had a Christmas party that night for Jake's work and it was really fun but we ended up getting home around 11. That is LATE for me people. I go to bed REALLY early since I usually get up on the early side to work out. Brynne just kept telling me that it would be worth it and that my body would have enough adrenaline to make it through the day. She was right. I didn't get too tired during the training, but when I got home I CRASHED on the couch haha. There were only at a few spots during the training where I could feel myself getting tired, but I used all the Chalene Johnson sport psychology I know and talked myself out of thinking I was tired. Worked, just like it always does.

We were trained in Round 52. It is a SUPER fun round, I really like it. 51 is my favorite of all the round I have learned, but 52 is sneaking up for a close second. We did a full workout half way through the training of Round 52 and Brynne, Sabrina & another previously certified Turbo Kick Instructor came to do it with us. Can I just say that I LOVE working out with Brynne? Having her teach is AWESOME, but getting to do it next to her, with both of us focused on the workout and not trying to que, was just AMAZING. I absolutely LOVED it. I found out the day before the training that she is no longer teaching at XSI in Lehi - they canceled all the classes. ALL of them. What kind of gym does that?! I cancelled my membership as a result. Anyway, I knew I wouldn't get to work out with her again for a while so I really pushed myself and it was AMAZING! I was INSANELY sweaty haha. I love when I get a good sweat like that though - I have had WAY too many fall off the wagon days lately & that helped me remember to focus on improving my health, not just the scale. I don't feel good when I eat junk, especially tons of it, but Turbo makes me feel awesome - even if for a while I am not breathing ;)

Right before our workout. I bought a new workout outfit specifically for the training and was wearing my black & hot pink nikes, so I matched my shirt!
Me & Shukria at the very end of the day. Exhausted & sweaty to say the least!!
She had the funnest TurboWear clothes on all day. I just might need to invest in some of it haha
At one point during the workout, Brynne & I slap the floor. I smacked it too hard and jammed my thumb - the one on the right in the picture was swollen & turning a little bit blue. I couldn't feel it most of the day haha. But hey, I ROCKED that part of the workout!
After the workout, I drove home from Spanish Fork & stopped for Cafe Rio. Gotta love Cafe Rio on a night when you just can't handle the thought of making dinner! I put the music for Round 51 in my CD player in my car {old school, I know! It's like the 2nd time I have ever used that CD player} and ROCKED out the whole way home to the music from 51. Seriously, that Turbo Round is AMAZINGLY fun.

Marked it off my Crazy Cool List!
 Now I just need to find somewhere to teach it at! I found a place in Saratoga Springs, right next to my work, where I could teach but it would end up costing me money and that isn't smart haha. So I am just patiently waiting to find somewhere to teach at. And in the mean time, I can continue to get in BETTER shape so that I can queue well, work on my form & technique so that I am a good example of how to do the moves, and get more muscle definition so that I can have that motivational physique like Chalene, Jenelle, Shukria, Brynne & all the other awesome Turbo Peeps I look up to!!! But I am OFFICIALLY a certified a Turbo Instructor!! WOOT!!!!

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