Monday, July 7, 2014

Blood Count Update

I just realized I haven't updated on my blood count in a little while - my bad! I met with my doctor a few weeks ago and my count is staying high despite being off the medicine, so yay!! I am done taking the medicine, done getting my blood drawn and done seeing the doctor for 6 months. During that time I'm supposed to watch for any symptoms of it coming back but other than that it looks like it's gone away!

We talked a little bit more about having more kids and it's looking a little better. Before he had said absolutely not and now it's more of a "well I would prefer you don't but you might be ok". His main concern is that I get my blood count checked OFTEN throughout the whole pregnancy and make sure that my midwives know from the very beginning that it's been a problem more than once. And to mentally be prepared that I may have to deliver naturally if my platelets tank at the end of my pregnancy since you can't have an epidural with low platelets. We've got a few years before we even want to start trying for Kaycee 2.0 so no big rush there but it's nice to know that having more kids isn't completely off the table!

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  1. Yay for your updates and yay for your blood count being and staying high!!! That's great. I sure miss you cute girl, glad I got to see you for a minute yesterday!