Monday, July 7, 2014

Jeannene graduates high school

A few weeks ago, Jeannene graduated from high school! I know I already posted pictures from her college graduation at UVU when she got her associates, but she's so cool she graduated twice and that deserves another blog post!

Cap and gown!
Selfies with Jake

Rick wanted to photo bomb
The whole family. Kaycee was there, she was just asleep in her stroller behind us
Our reactions to her graduating. I love Brynne's face haha
Girls and mom
We can't always be serious
The girls with dad
Had to get a picture {ish} with Kaycee!
I'm so proud of Jeannene for all she has done to graduate - at the end she was a credit or half a credit or something short and she completed a packet in 2 days to graduate! Good job Roo - we love you!

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