Monday, July 7, 2014

Update in Pictures!

So I have some pictures on my phone that deserve to be in the blog, but not as their own post so here's a mass photo dump of stuff going on in our lives lately!

My Durango hit 123456 in miles a few weeks ago!!
Brynne completed her 4th half marathon! She KILLED her time - she beat her goal by 8 minutes and beat her PR by 13!!
Picture with a fussy Kayc after crossing the finish line
Pictures with everyone that came. Popper was at Saratoga Springs parade for cheer and Jake was at work.
Kaycee Grammy time while we waited for Brynne
Yay Brynne!!
Max being a bed hog snuggling under Jake's blanket
"Who, me? Never!"
I registered for my 3rd Half Marathon! October 25!
We are dog tending for the Peterson's and Max has become Penny's shadow - he follows her EVERYWHERE!
We were also tending the Peterson's goldfish but we totally killed it and I feel AWFUL about it, even though they were expecting it to die much sooner than it did. Seriously, I killed their PET! Jake's been teasing my about it but I seriously feel so bad!! At least we're keeping Penny alive right?!

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