Sunday, May 31, 2015


I started praying about 3 months ago that I would get put in nursery. Kaycee has a hard time sitting through 3 hours of church and I knew if I was in nursery she could play and be noisy and it would be so much better!

She's super close to turning 18 months (next month!) so I started thinking maybe I didn't need to keep praying to be in nursery anymore but today I was called to be in nursery! I prayed on my way to my appointment with the bishopric that I would genuinely be excited about whatever calling the Lord had in mind for me and I can honestly say when he asked if I would serve in nursery I immediately felt excited and like a prayer was answered! 

I got to go today for the first time and Kaycee came with me! Jeannene was also visiting us and she came too. Kaycee did SOO good! She played and was nice and shared toys. She sat in her chair for almost the entire time we had singing time and she sat in her chair the whole time while she had her snack.

When we played with toys after snack and singing, she got a little sad but it's because she got hurt and was tired and that is a bad combination. She calmed down and got a toy and went and sat by a little boy in our class who is on the autism spectrum and prefers to play alone. She didn't bother him, just played near him quietly and he ended up playing with her a little bit. I was so proud of how sensitive she was to seeing someone alone and matching his attitude by playing quietly and not trying to take away his toys or anything like that. She's such an amazing little girl, I know everyone thinks their kids are the best but really, she's amazing. I'm so lucky I get to be her mom and learn from her. And I'm so excited I get to serve in nursery with her!! 

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