Sunday, May 31, 2015


I know I posted a few weeks ago about Kaycee's steps but I wanted to update on all that! Her pediatrician recommended we talk to Kids on the Move at her 15 month appointment to make sure she didn't need early intervention because she was behind on her gross motor skills. I made the appointment and then she took her first steps but I decided to have them come anyway to see if they had any advice or tips for us. Best idea ever!!

We got some wonderful tips for helping her balance and helping her learn to go down stairs since I had no idea how to show her how to go down. They also recommended we get her some hard shoes at Walmart that are tennis shoeish to help her balance since her feet rotate it and she curls her toes. They have made a HUGE difference!! She is balancing so much better and she's taking LOTS of steps now. I was crying the other night at she toddled back and forth between Jake and me. She's walking so great as long as she has a "goal" of where she wants to end up. She's walking along the walls in the family room and kitchen. She's doing great at going down the stairs with our help and totally rocks climbing up them. I'm SOOO proud of her!! 

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