Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween festivities!

Halloween isn't something Jake & I usually get into, but I think that'll all be changing next year with our princess being here. Something about Halloween just seems way more fun when you have kiddos!

This year, the festivities started with the Young Women Halloween party that Janaca Cann planned {way to go Beehives!} Everything turned out great - we played a mafia game, had a costume contest, and had YUMMY food. We made sure to bring appetizer food along with the treats so the girls wouldn't get TOO sick with all the sweet treats normally found at a Halloween party!

Playing Mafia
Jenny Wall was in charge of leading Mafia and did a great job!
All of those who were able to come to the party!
I love my calling and am so grateful I am able to work with these awesome girls!
On Halloween, Jake & I decided to have pizza for dinner. I was working until 6 and didn't think to call ahead of time to get it ordered. When I got off, I realized the entire county ALSO wanted pizza, so we ended up getting pizza from Little Caesar's because everyone else had a 90+ minute wait. I brought the pizza home and JUST as I walked in the door, the trick or treaters arrived. I was so worried I was going to miss them, but I got there in time for the first bunch! Jake & I watched Ghostbusters and the Saturday Night Live Halloween Special while eating pizza and handing out candy. It was a super fun night.
Next year, we're going to dress up! And we'll have a cute munchkin to dress up too!

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