Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My work baby shower!

Last Thursday, I had my first baby shower! It was hosted by my friend & manager Angie at her home in Eagle Mountain for all my friends at the bank! 

The delicious spread of food!
Ice cream with soda - super yummy! And adorable - love the little ducks!
Salad Lindsey brought, along with chips & salsa and crackers with raspberry cream cheese
Amazing cake bites that Faith made! They were strawberry flavored!
The favors everyone received. Love the antique carriage she used to display them!
Close up of the favors - chocolate covered popcorn. MMMMMMM!
One of the games we played was to guess how many marshmallows were in the bottle
We also played a game where we each smelled 6 different flavors of baby food and tried to guess what flavor each one was. After games, I opened the gifts I received and I got SPOILED!

The loot I got that night! There were a few gifts waiting for me the next day from those who hadn't been able to attend the shower!
Me & Denise, who I worked with in PG when she was a float teller. Lindsey, Faith, Jessica from PG, Nicolette, Rochelle & Angie were also there but I didn't get pictures with everyone.
It was a super fun night and I really felt so spoiled with all the gifts I got. The only clothes I had received so far were the few BYU items my mom got, so it's been SUPER fun getting clothes for our little miss! When I got home, I brought it all into her room and was organizing it when Max discovered what I was doing. He couldn't stop smelling all the clothes, and they don't even smell like her yet haha!

It really was a great night, I feel very lucky to have the amazing friends & co workers I have at the bank!

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