Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

We celebrated Kaycee's first Halloween!! Halloween isn't a holiday I'm too fond of but I loved it this year! Just goes to show what everyone says is right - kids make holidays so much more fun!

We went to Cornbelly's with some friends so that made it okay for us to go to the grocery store to pick pumpkins instead of going to a pumpkin patch. Next year we'll do the patch thing!

Our pumpkin family - daddy, mommy, Kaycee & Max
Playing with her little pumpkin
On Halloween I got Kaycee ready in her BYU cheerleader uniform and we went to visit Grammy {my mom} at her work! I was a BYU cheerleader for a lot of Halloweens when I was little too so we're twinners :)

Cheerleader and her football player
Playing at Grammy's desk
My mom and step dad - hard core bikers! I loved their costumes! 

After we were finished at my moms work we came home, Kaycee took a short nap and then we went to Elk Ridge to go trick or treating with the Jones', Burton's and Park's. Short version of who they are: our families are best best best best friends. The moms are best friends, I'm best friends with the oldest daughter Cassie and pretty close to the second daughter Sam {Sam's husband works with Jake at US Synthetic and so does Sam & Cassie's dad} and Brynne and the 3rd daughter Brianna are best friends. We did everything together when we were younger and they are my second family. The Jones' go ALL out for Halloween - Paul {dad} rigs all these monsters in the front yard so that as you walk up to the door different monsters light up or jump up at you. There's speakers and Paul talks to you as you go up so it's super creepy to experience but hilarious to watch from the safety of the inside of the house. We always have pizza and way too much candy but now that Cassie, Sam & I have kids we have lots of little trick or treaters!

Suzanne {mom} took Josh, Annie & Genevieve. Cassie had Asher, Otto & Dagny. Sam & Chad had Juliet and Olivia and Jake & I had Kaycee. We had 3 Elsa's, a Rapunzel, a mine craft character, a dragon, a pumpkin, a cheerleader and 1 more costume that I spaced. Quite the group! We took Kaycee up to 1 door to trick or treat and they had fruit snacks so Kaycee got to eat the fruits of her labors haha!

Me & Cassie - best friends since we were 3
I always Halloween with the Jones' and all the kids but it was so much more fun having our own little one this year! Brynne & Blake came part way through the night so we got to see them too! Brynne dressed up as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. She, of course, wanted to spend lots of time with Kayc so she had Kaycee in the front room while they watched Paul use the monsters to scare all the little kids. Kaycee thought it was so cool and just watched in wonder - no fear, nothing. I'm sure she's a little too little to realize how scary the monsters are but it was fun to have her just be excited and have no fear.

Can't wait for Halloween next year - already thinking of ideas so that Jake will dress up with us!

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