Sunday, November 9, 2014


Little behind on my blogging, going to be lots of posts coming your way today!

About a month ago we had the chance to go to Cornbelly's in Lehi with some of our friends and their kiddos! Hanging out with friends is awesome, hanging out with friends who have kids your age is even better! We went with Clay, Kortney & Ellie and Kjell, Paige & Majken.

Kaycee, Ellie & Majken
Playing in the corn. Kaycee was determined to eat it and would get it in her mouth in .02 seconds

Courtesy grin right there
Chilling in her stroller

Playing on the giant air pillow. Kaycee is too little to jump on it so I had her sit up and bounced her and laid her down to bounce her. She was giggling like crazy! 

Our whole crew!

It was a very fun night with some awesome friends and a great way to bring in the fall season!

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