Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kaycee is 10 months!

Our little cheeser turned 10 months yesterday! Not going to lie, I'm quite proud that I've kept up on doing these posts each month. As usual, lets start with a whole bunch of pictures!

Cheesing while we wait for her 9 month appointment
She watches just about every move her puppy makes
The adorable shot I got of her on "National Bosses Day"
Watching me work out
She loves yogurt! She looks like this every single time she eats it
One of her favorite things to do right now is roll over to her bookshelf and try to pull all the books off the bottom shelf
After she's done eating we let her play with her spoon. She's always so excited to gum on it
She pulled the visor all the way down to her feet all by herself and sure was proud of herself!
Driving the car with daddy
"Mom, can I get down yet?"
Playing with her pumpkin

No clue how she got stuck like this!
Oh I'll just squish in the corner of my huge crib, no worries
There are no words for how much I love this little girl!

Her protector is on duty and ready.
Her favorite book - she ALWAYS reaches for this book first on her book shelf. This was right after she tore the cover sleeve.
MMM ice cream!

We tried on one of her snow suits to see if it fit and Jake, Jeannene and I were all dying at how cute she was!  Little pink Michelin girl! 
Holding her bottle all by herself
Messy face!
Saying goodbye to Johnny, Jeannene's boyfriend. He left to service his LDS mission in Mississippi!

Strapped up in a baby carrier with dad. He said it felt super awkward having that much weight in front of him. Yep, welcome to pregnancy!
Kaycee's first 4 wheeler ride! She loved it, and I wasn't freaking out or stressed because it was less than a minute ride and Jake went on a straight road the entire time in broad daylight. Still not ready for her to do much else yet.
Monthly nearly naked shot! It's getting harder- she's starting to want to play with her pig instead of leave it alone
Our cute 10 month our princess!
Some highlights from this month are:
  • She weights 19 lbs and 9 ounces. We weighed her last night when she went in to the after hours clinic for a {most likely} double ear infection. I HATE ear infections.
  • She is definitely done with 3 naps a day and is only doing 2 now. She only had 1 nap the other day and it was a BAD day lol. She likes 2. They range anywhere from 2-3 hours. Usually closer to 2 though.
  • She's eating 3 bottles a day now, each around 4-5 ounces. We feed her solids first and then offer a bottle and let her eat as much of it as she wants.
  • She figured out how to hold it by herself! I was hanging out with my friend Lindsey and her baby Kherington and Kaycee picked up Kherington's sippy cup and totally knew exactly what to do with it so I tried having her hold her own bottle without me being near her and sure enough she can do it. She won't hold it if I'm holding her or near her, she has to be by herself. I love that - she lets me baby her when I want to but she'll do it when she needs to. Best of both worlds!
  • She is using a sippy with water in and loves using it! She LOVES water. I let her drink out of cups or my water bottle sometimes too and she loves it. If we let her I'm sure she could drink a LOT of water and then would have no room in her little tummy for her milk.
  • She loves yogurt - LOVES yogurt. It's one of her staples she eats every day. I usually feed her little bits of whatever we are eating once we sit down to eat and while we are cooking she'll eat goldfish, black or kidney beans, cheerios, etc. She has had pizza and loved it and LOVES ground beef.
  • She is still in size 3 diapers.
  • We lowered her crib down to the lowest setting even though she doesn't pull herself up yet because her pediatrician recommended we do it if we haven't already.
  • We're starting to show her how to sit up from laying by turning her on her side and moving her arms to help her sit up and she HATES it. Fate worse then death having to practice sitting up but she tried to do it the other day by herself so it's clicking at least a little bit!
  • She's doing AWESOME at getting on all 4's and rocking. And then she goes back down to her tummy and rolls all over. I seriously think she's going to skip crawling lol - she has no interest in it whatsoever.
  • She figured out how to clap! She will clap for herself all day long and it is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
  • She says something that sure sounds a lot like "doggy" but we're not 100% that she's said it yet.
  • Can't remember if I've already told you this but she says both mama and dada. Dada is her say all the time word and Mama is her "wait I'm stuck come help me!" word.
  • She is wearing 9 month clothes and for the most part they all still fit. Some of her pajamas seem like they're getting tight but everything else still fits.
  • She has nearly stood up in the bathtub and has gone from her tummy to sitting up in the bathtub so I know it's just a matter of time before she can do it outside the tub. Because she likes water so much, baths are getting scary - she likes to lean down and try to drink the water and ends up dunking her face almost every single time. She comes up sputtering, catches her breath and does it again. She LOVES water.
  • Not sure if I've said this before but she has a favorite song. She LOVES "I love to see the temple". She always gets the hugest cheesiest grin on her face when I sing it. Always. I've tried singing other songs and nope, nothing gets the same reaction.
  • She is learning to mimic me pretty well - I was blowing on a DVD the other day and was breathing pretty hard {just finished a workout} and she mimicked the sound perfectly. She also does what sounds like a dog panting whenever she sees Max or a picture of any dog for that matter.
  • Daylight savings threw her off for a few days but I think she's back to normal and is sleeping until 8 {when she doesn't have awful ear pain that is}.
  • She is going to be just like her aunts and never wear shoes. She will do great at leaving them on when we are at the store or whatever but the second she is in her car seat they are off and she can throw them pretty far. Jake and I always laugh at how hard we have to search for a shoe in the car.
  • Pretty sure we're done wearing headbands, she's figured out how to pull them and then let go and hits herself in the face. Sunday she got herself in the eye pretty hard and was very sad for quite a while. Looks like it'll be lots of pony tails with bows from now on!
Happy 10 months Kaycee, we love you so much!!

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